Door hangers are one of the most effective marketing tools for your business. Even if you have an online marketing strategy, you shouldn’t ignore the benefits that come from using door hangers. They are especially useful for local businesses and are far cheaper than using direct mail.

Guaranteed Contact

One advantage of using hangers is that the homeowner will definitely see your advertisement when they remove it from their door. The recipient will most likely bring your door hanger into their home and read it and use your services if they could benefit from them. This means a door hanger is a surefire way to get the message out to your potential customer.


When you are employing various marketing methods, you want to stay within a budget so that you get a good return on your investment. The cost of door hangers is quite low and will get you direct contact with your audience. Therefore, you need not think twice before printing door hangers for your business and using them for marketing your services.

Brand Building

Even if the homeowners you are targeting with your advertisement may not need your services right away, you are still building your brand. They may keep your door hanger advertisement for the future and use your services at a later point in time. Building a brand is essential for each business owner. When people need the services that you offer, they are more likely to think of you because they remember your advertisement.

Use for Promotion

Door hangers are also a straightforward way to promote your services in case you have a special promotion going on. Sometimes you may gain a customer because of a promotion you are running, and they may sign up with you for a longer duration because they like your services. Additionally, door hangers are also a great way to refresh your customers’ memories. Therefore,  you can both establish and grow your business.

Guru Printers specializes in custom printing services for all your marketing needs. If you have a particular design in mind, you can format your image as a PDF, upload it, and your door hangers will begin processing. We also offer in-house graphic designers who can send you several design options. For all your custom printing needs, feel free to contact us today to get started.