Photographs are an important tool when it comes to network marketing. They can be used to show a product or enhance a message being sent in various promotional materials. Many companies take advantage of large photographic printing services to enlarge their company’s message and/or decorate a business or office space.

Different types of large photographic printing products available include wall-to-wall murals and tiled mosaic images. Large photographic images can be printed on a single piece or multiple pieces, depending upon the size and desired final design look and feel.

Unfortunately, not all photographic images are created equal. Some images cannot be enlarged without appearing blurry. How the photo is taken and the content of the photo will affect the final look after the large photographic printing process. Here are some tips to help select the best possible photographs to enlarge for your business and office.

  • Composition: Your image should be visually appealing from a distance. Use contrasting colors to grab the audience’s attention.
  • Position: Use the thirds rule when positioning items in your photograph. Divide the frame into thirds, either horizontally or vertically and have your subjects will one or two thirds of the frame.
  • Subjects: Select subjects that are interesting to the audience and will encourage them to look at the entire photograph. Use various shapes and colors among your subjects.
  • Eye path: Position items in the photograph that will naturally draw attention from one port of the large photography to another and so on until they have seen the entire photo.
  • Distractions: Avoid any unnecessary distractions in the photography, including photo bombs in the background.
  • Story: The image used should tell a story.

Know the purpose of the enlargement, what distance it will be viewed from and the size of the original digital image. These are important because the closer your audience will be, the higher the photographic resolution needs to be. Aim for 150 ppi at the size you wish to print your photograph. This should be enough to keep your image crystal clear.

Use these tips to help find the best possible photograph for your enlarging needs.