GuruPrinters is here for all your business meeting needs. Whether you’re trying to explain a new policy to colleagues or you’re presenting to a major client, custom printing raises the bar on professionalism. You can use these props to gather, keep, and use attention in the meeting. Get custom printed booklets, presentation folders, and take away bookmarks to keep your presentation fresh.

Keep things concise with a booklet

When you’re trying to run one of the biggest meetings of your career, you want to make it as easy as possible to follow along. Yes, you’re going to be engaging. Yes, you’re going to be wonderful. However, you also have to be realistic. We’ve all been on the other side of the boardroom table. There’s a great presenter giving a very important presentation, but we zone out anyway. It’s not the presenter’s fault that we didn’t sleep well last night, we skipped breakfast when we really shouldn’t have, or we have a big date later we can’t stop dreaming about. It’s almost impossible to hold our attention with no distractions for a whole meeting. Rather than fight that, make it easy for every hungry, sleepy, or love-struck person in the meeting to get back into the flow of things.

A booklet is a great tool. It allows you to put all the most important information in one place. You can include a table of contents or timeline to help people keep up with the presentation. You can include a description of resources, and more. A booklet is a great way to cover your main points and help people follow along in the meeting.

Stay on track with presentation folders

Presentation folders are a great way to engage your audience. Stuff them with handouts to engage knowledge. Offer little perks, from custom printed bookmarks to personalized messages, inside these folders. A good business meeting can be run with a PowerPoint and an engaging speaker. To move the bar from good to amazing you have to do go above and beyond. GuruPrinters can whip up the kind of custom, engaging presentation folders and fillers to make your presentation memorable.

Be memorable with bookmarks

Of course, you want everyone to remember what was discussed during the meeting. However, most people quickly forget unless they took notes or leave with something to remind them. Use a bookmark to simplify the core message of your business meeting. Another option is to print a bullet point list of tips to help them remember.  Certainly, every great presentation has layers. Help people remember the key points with custom printed bookmarks. There’s a reason that so many companies rely on bookmarks, pens, and other eye-catching, useful items to spread their message. What we read often enough sticks with us, even when we’re not consciously thinking about it.

A business meeting isn’t the most exciting show in the world. However, with careful use of custom printed materials you can keep your audience engaged and receptive. Consider printing bookmarks to remind your audience of your key points long after the meeting is over. The use presentation folders helps everyone stay on track, and booklets help people follow along. They even display your most pressing information from the start of the meeting.