There are many ways you can market your business using decals. While some might argue that non-digital marketing is not where you should put your dollars, sticker marketing is in reality very effective. There are several strategies and ways to use decals and stickers for brand building. Here are a few ways to maximize your business marketing using decals.

Not Just a Bumper Sticker Campaign

While bumper stickers are still an option for your stickers, don’t limit yourself to the age old rectangle, space filling sticker of the old days. Car decals come in many different shapes and sizes. From bumpers to windows, you can have a variety of options printed for your sticker marketing campaign. Additionally, people like to put decals on things other than their vehicles. Making sizes that look nice on cell phones, notebooks, and even travel mugs can widen the audience and use for your stickers. By throwing out the idea that a sticker can only go on a car, you create an opportunity to place your brand everywhere people go. Make sure to put thought and care into design and information listed as this may be the only way others find out about your business.

Sticker Marketing Options

In addition to different size decals, you can have different designs made up as well. Maybe some decals have more information than others. Small stickers with logos only might fit nicely on a cell phone case and create a conversation topic. Still other places might fare better with more information or the company name spelled out. Makes sure the few seconds a potential customer is going to see that sticker, that it is memorable.


Everyone loves free stuff. Make decals available to your customers through goody bags and bartering for information. Maybe you want to collect some information on a potential customer at an event. A decal trade for some basic contact info just might do the trick. Find places in your community that pull together welcome wagon packets and find out what you need to do to get your decals in there. Being the first thing a new person sees when they move to the area can be a great thing for business.

Brand Building

The ability to stick a decal almost anywhere is going to give your brand building a boost. Brainstorm with your employees on ways to distribute and place the decals for maximum benefit. What are some well trafficked areas that your customer demographic hangs out? What type of sticker would be most effective for that group. Do your research and come up with a thoughtful design. Make sure it’s memorable and find fun ways to distribute your stickers out into the community.  

Employee Marketing

Make sure you hand out decals to your employees for them to distribute them among their peer groups. If people like a work place, they are typically not afraid to share it. Finding ways for the employees to further blanket the community with stickers is a great way to accomplish basic brand building and get more traffic to your business.

Decals may seem like an antiquated way to market. The reality, however, is that couldn’t be further from the truth. By distributing stickers in varying shapes and sizes and with different messages on them that all direct inquiries and traffic back to your place of business is money well spent. People still love bumper stickers. They love to gush about a company or product they love. Decals are the perfect giveaway that can have long term ripple effects.