Vinyl is available at Guru Printers.

Vinyl includes individually cut out letters, numbers, or shapes from a sheet of a solid colored, 2-mil vinyl. They are pre-spaced and placed onto a set number of pre-masked transfer tape. The number of transfer tape will depend on the size of the lettering and amount of colors used. This allows the lettering to be easily installed as one piece and as a result, it creates a clean and professional look.

Some surfaces vinyl lettering will work on include glass, windows, walls, storefronts, cars/trucks, and boats, but there are more options available! This makes the vinyl lettering very versatile to suit many of your businesses’ needs. Not only are vinyl letters, shapes, or numbers versatile, but there are other perks as well! 

  • Multiple colors are available.
  • Quick turnarounds with local pickup available.
  • We offer custom lettering options.
  • Option of window or wall vinyl decals.

Get custom vinyl for your business from Guru Printers in Los Angeles, and help your business stand out! In addition, we will assist you in every step of the way in designing the right vinyl lettering for your business. Contact us today for all your lettering or decal needs – we’re #1 in customer service.