Businesses are able to use postcards to promote a variety of different aspects of their business, including sales, promotions and specials. But how many businesses are using postcards as a method of recruiting? Not many. That is why it is important to not overlook the power of a postcard when searching for potential employees, sales staff and franchisees.

As technology has moved to a more digital age, many are still paying closer attention to something that has been physically mailed to them, versus an email or text message. Just take a look at how many emails you receive in a single day and think about how many you actually open up and read. Now think about what you do when you receive a postcard in the mail. You look at the front and flip it over to the back. Even if it is just for a few seconds, you have paid more attention to that postcard than you did to all of those emails you just sent to the trash bin without ever

Create eye catching postcard designs that represent both your company’s brand and the position you are recruiting for. Design one side full of color complete with your company’s logo. Add copy to the other side that includes a brief description of the company, the job, qualities you are looking for and contact details.

As you network keep a log of everyone who you would someday love to work with. Then, when the time comes to fill a position, you already have a go-to list of potential recruits. Send everyone on your list a postcard. Then send cards to local businesses, schools and organizations.

Take your recruiting to a whole new level by using postcards as part of your recruiting process. You never know where the cards will end up and who will be your next star employee.