What is better than sticking your logo wherever you want? Nothing. A sticker bomb is about the best thing out there marketing-wise to increase your marketing and brand presence. A sticker bomb is a sticker that blows your business up wherever you put them. There are many different types of personalized stickers that you can order for your business. The key is to bomb the client with images to create brand familiarity and awareness. Like mini billboards all over the place, the more places you have visibility, the better.

Sales Stickers

Personalized stickers are a great way to provide information about upcoming sales and features. If you have something that is “buy one, get one,” have a sticker allocated to it with your brand printed right on the sticker itself. If you make the stickers bright and colorful, they will attract the consumer’s eye. Once they are hooked on the sale, you’ve also already bombed them with your brand logo.


If you have an event where you are holding a booth or telling people about your product, sticker it up. You can use your stickers on bags, on materials that you pass out, really anywhere. That is the beauty of a sticker; it can be put on any type of material or surface you want to stick it.

Why Promotional Personalized Stickers Rock!

When you personalize stickers with your brand logo, people don’t even know that they are being inundated with your brand to build brand familiarity; they just see the colorful and cool nature of your business. When you spend the money to have stickers personalized and use them at trade shows, in your packaging or just to hand out as kid favors, it says that you went the extra mile. Personalized stickers leave a good impression with your clients because they are like putting icing on a cake. When you go so far as to give them a personalized sticker, it means that you have thought of everything.

Sticker Bomb Your World Today

The best part about a sticker bomb campaign is that you are gaining maximum exposure for your brand without the high expense that marketing can sometimes cost. A sticker is like a mini billboard for your clients to see. In the world of marketing, there really aren’t that many ways to inundate your niche market in such a creative and non-obtuse way.

So go ahead and sticker it up. The more places you can display your brand, the better. For all the greatest ways to build brand familiarity and awareness for minimal cost, check out Guru Printers. All you have to do is supply us with your logo, and we’ll make sure to get it noticed!