When you think about it your business card is your calling card. You for it to represent you well each and every time you use it. This could leave you wondering how to design the perfect business card for your business. Have no fear. Guru Printing has been designing and printing business cards for over 20 years. They are experts and know exactly what you need to impress your client.
Do not feel that you have to design your business card by yourself. Yes, you can look at templates online to get ideas. Jot down what you see that you like, but then come to Guru Printing and let our experts guide you. We will help you design a truly unique business card that will represent you and your business well.
If you are feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of developing and printing your business cards do not despair. You have the ideas and we have the options. Let our staff at Guru Printing explain the entire list of different possibilities one step at a time.
The first thing to do is design the card. Obviously you are going to have the basics like name and how to reach you. Suit that second item to the type of business and the type of clients. Will your phone number be best, or an email address? If your clients are going to need to come to your shop you won’t want to forget your address.
Next you must decide on graphics. Should you use a photo, or photos, or only a logo? We will be able to show you on computer what some of your options will look like. If your business has an artistic side you may want to have different pictures on multiple different cards. It is a great way to show off what you design, whether it is jewelry or buildings.
You must consider whether you need a blank back side that will be available to write on, or whether you want to have printing on both sides. If you are showing off a photo on the front you may want to keep printing of text on that side to a minimum and place your contact information on the back.
What to print your business cards on? Should you use cardstock, possibly in a specific color your feel best represents your business? Or should you print on photo finish paper? If you use a photo within the design of your cards you may want a glossy finish to help show off that photo. You really want your business cards to pop and show well to your clients so that they won’t forget you.
Lastly, consider the printing. You may feel that plain, flat printing is just fine. But is it really? Be sure to look at what raised printing could do for your cards. It can make a striking difference, leaving your name unforgettable to the client. Using a metallic finish to part of the printing can also set up apart from the rest.
When you are wondering how to design the perfect business card for your business, turn to Guru Printers. Our professional quality with great customer service and prices will keep you coming back each time you need another printing.