Greeting cards are a fantastic way to send a personalized message or to welcome someone to an event. But there are so many other ways to use greeting cards! Whether you have a bunch of old ones you received or are looking for reasons to order from your favorite greeting card printers, you can repurpose and revitalize your cards with the following ideas.

Handmade Garland

Greeting cards come with some beautiful designs, and their stocky build can turn into sturdy decorations. You can cut your greeting cards into triangles (using the entire side of each card with the right cuts) and string them together to make your own festive garlands. And the best part? With the opposite sides blank, you can invite party-goers to write you their own hidden messages.

Perfect Picture Frames

Everyone loves having a decorative picture frame around, but no one likes spending the money on one. But with a few greeting cards and some craft glue, you can create a personalized décor piece everyone will love. The fun design of your chosen greeting card can create a unique border, and you can even use the words on the cards to make each frame stand out. Don’t just say thank you with a normal greeting card; put it on a frame and make it a truly unique and inspired gift.

Scrapbook Material

Scrapbooks are a fun and creative activity that helps you express yourself and protect your favorite memories or ideas. You can get greeting cards from a printer and use them to help accentuate your scrapbook. Their sturdy paper stock will prevent them from bending and will help keep each page of your book stiff, so other materials are protected as well.

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Photo by Emily Park on Unsplash

A Card and a Gift Box

When you send a greeting card to someone, chances are you might be sending along a gift as well. Crafty senders can turn their greeting cards into a gift box for their gift! This way, you can send a personalized card and an amazing handmade gift box that is sure to please any recipient.

Double Postcards

Greeting card paper stock makes the perfect material for postcards. By taking a greeting card and cutting it in half, you can make two beautiful postcards ready to be sent to friends and family. Because greeting card printers allow you to create your own design, you can mirror the front and back to look the same or choose two different designs for a variety of postcard options. You can also get the postcard layout template printed on the inside of the cards for an even faster transformation.

Collage Perfection

Collages are a fun activity that helps you get your creative fix without too much effort. Using greeting cards from your favorite printer gives you a variety of patterns, images, and text to choose from while making your next collage. Whether you’re cutting up your cards or using them whole, you can make any design you want.

Binder Reminders

Sending kids off to school can be difficult for both parents and children, especially if it’s the first day. A greeting card that is designed to remind your child how much you love them or how well they’ll do in school is a great confidence booster. You can stick a custom greeting card in the front of their binder, either folded up or laid out. They’ll have a unique binder design, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they have your comforting words nearby all day long.

Proper Paper Chains

Paper chains are a fun and easy craft activity that anyone can enjoy. If you’re a teacher, babysitter, or parent of young children, this can be the perfect way to entertain them without too much stress. By cutting your printed greeting cards into strips, you can help younger crafters create the perfect paper chains with amazing designs. Wear them as a crown, hang them on your walls, or create stylish jewelry with ease. 

Unique Envelopes

Everyone loves getting actual mail these days, and finding unique and perfectly designed envelopes makes the event extra special. You can fold your greeting cards into perfectly sized envelopes that will amaze and astonish your pen pals. With the designs you choose from your greeting card printers, you can create envelopes for any occasion or visual appeal.

Mini Puzzles

Cutting up greeting cards may seem a little weird at first, but if you cut them into jigsaw pieces, they make the perfect gift and card combo. Anyone who loves puzzles will enjoy putting their gift cards together themselves. By creating a mini puzzle out of your printed greeting cards, you give both a wonderful sentiment and an amazing gift that is sure to please anyone who receives it.

Greeting Card Printers 

If you thought greeting cards were only an old Christmastime tradition, you were wrong. You can use both old and new greeting cards to create a variety of fun, creative activities and gifts. Because greeting card printers like Guru Printers allow you to create your own custom design, you can get the perfect materials for any craft project you have going on at home. We even offer design services to help you get the perfect look and feel you’re looking for. If you can’t wait to get started on your next project with customized greeting cards, check out our available options online or give us a call at (213) 513-6533 if you have any questions about your order.