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Not all advertising is a loud, out there process using banners, posters or billboards to shout one message for anybody that is prepared to look and listen. Sometimes you just want to target the people that you know will listen, probably pay more attention and are more likely to act on your message. Flyers are a great way of maximizing the chances of the right people getting your message and your advertising thus becomes more targeted and the return on your marketing investment likely to increase.
Flyers are most frequently used for promoting events, special offers or new store openings. Flyers were, in the past, typically roughly A5 sized prints containing the details of message and were then circulated by standing on a street corner, the general area of your business or even directly outside your business by poor employees that had to endure a long, sometimes boring day and often extreme temperatures. The flyers most of us remember most are those from the days when we visited nightclubs and bars and we were made aware of the next week’s party theme or drinks offers. Somehow flyers have been stigmatized by this industry but have far more applications than promoting a good time.
If you are opening a new local store, then a flyer is a great option for making locals aware of what you will be offering and from when it will be offered. You don’t need to spend vast amounts of money on a city wide and non-targeted poster run or have that ineffectual billboard costing you a fortune. Flyer printing and distribution as a means of low cost, targeted advertising is not only a more worthwhile option but are cost effective and highly effective.
Flyer printing is not something done from your office using your office desktop printers. Good print stores offer start to finish services for flyer design and flyer printing. They will use their design expertise and your message to generate an attention grabbing flyer that will more often than not be retained than thrown in the trash. The old flyer options of A5, single sided are now history and your flyer designs can take on all sorts of fold and print options. Imagine your next store opening and offering described over a triple folded flyer. Page and size options have also increased so your flyer now has the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.
Many people however see flyers as an environmental nuisance and this was the correct interpretation a few years ago. Flyer printing providers have taken cognizance of this and the majority of flyers printed currently are from sustainable tree sources and use biodegradable ink. Of course you hope that most of your flyers are retained and not simply disposed 10 feet away down the street. But if this is the rare, unfortunate case, you know you are doing your best to help out the environment.
Flyer printing remains a core component of marketing strategies and make a wise choice depending on your advertising needs and where spreading the word to a targeted population is your most viable means.