Weddings are a joyous occasion. Magnets can be used in multiple ways to help make the special day your very best. At Guru Printers we are here to help with all of the printing to make the perfect wedding including making wedding magnets of many types, just for you.

Starting early in the entire wedding process you may want to send out  save the date magnets. These can be especially important if you are planning on a special destination wedding. Plans for those start early, with a date chosen early. That date is very important to many people who will be involved in your plans. Make magnets with you and your betrothed’s picture, the date, and maybe the place if appropriate. Guru Printers can help you PhotoShop together a special picture of you on a beach, or with another background reminiscent of where you will be married. Send at least one magnet to every person involved in your wedding. You may find that some people will want more than one magnet so they can have one at home and one at work. This can be the very best way to keep that date safe from being accidentally used for some other event and to help assure that everyone you want at your wedding will be there.

Some couples decide to make magnets that include their names and wedding date, but are not really ‘save the date’ magnets. You want to take extra time to create these magnets. There are various designs available for a background, or you can use a picture from the wedding. Bring Guru Printers the picture on Monday morning and you will have the magnets in record time since we will be ready and waiting. Make all the arrangements for these magnets before the wedding and you will have them when you return from your honeymoon. These can be handed out as mementos of the day to anyone in the wedding party, close family members, and other special friends. They can become thank you gifts as well.

Weddings come with anniversaries. Magnets can be made to celebrate anniversaries, much in the same way that they are made for weddings. If you are planning a special celebration, make ‘save the date’ magnets. Magnets can be a great souvenir from a 25th or 50th wedding anniversary, even if you decide that the party should be small.

Magnets can be in different sizes and different shapes. They can also come in a few different styles. Be sure to explore your options with the staff at Guru Printers so that you get what you really want. Pick the type that represents you and your mate the best. Magnets can become part of the overall printing designs used for a wedding or anniversary. Everything can be made to go together perfectly when you work with the graphic artist at Guru Printers. No need to go somewhere different for the design phase, just come straight to us.

Guru Printers has many years of experience with wedding printing, including printing magnets. We keep up to date on the most current styles for design. Your wedding will be one of the most important days in your life. Let Guru Printers help start it right with wedding magnets.