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We live in a microwave society. People want things right now. No one is willing to wait for anything anymore, it seems.

In the business world, it is essential to know what you need when you need it. This is not only a matter of having things available at the right time but there are significant costs involved as well.


Extra Charges for Rush Deliveries

In the printing world, there are many instances where a customer will need printed material created overnight, maybe even that same day. They have a rush situation, and waiting is simply not an option.

The printing company is there to provide that service. Not all are like Guru Printers and can offer this service. However, when it is available, there are additional charges that are incurred. The printer has to set aside other tasks to get to this one. That means that their equipment, their labor, and their resources are being dedicated to that project to ensure that the job is done on time.

A company like Guru Printers that deliver on their guarantees is excellent for the customer. However, it is important to understand that there are these additional costs with emergency services that you seek. As mentioned, they have had to pull all of their resources to get this project done, and so they charge additional fees to get the project done.

If it is something that must be done right away, then this is an acceptable expense. Emergency situations occur like this all the time, and a good business understands that they may have to pay for additional printing costs that have a strict timeline attached to them.

Can You Save?

While Guru Printers is always happy to accommodate the needs of customers, we also want our customers to understand that there may be situations where they can save themselves a substantial amount of money by not making every printing project a must have right now order.

Maybe the project can wait a few days before it is completed. That can save you a lot of money. While we are always happy to accommodate the needs of our clients, we also want them to have a project completed in the time they need that does not stretch their budget. On second thought, you may find that, but maybe something can be done a day or two later.

We recommend taking the time to consider when exactly you need your project completed. Talk with us about it if you have questions, and we can help you get the job done, in the time you need, at a cost that works for you.

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