When you want to find a unique way to promote your business, look no further than a custom mug. They are small, convenient, and easy to print on. Ask your local printing company what they can do for you with custom mug printing. Not sure why mugs are so great? Read on for three of the many reasons you’ll be satisfied with the purchase.

Be on Your Clients’ Minds

Mugs are used for all different kinds of occasions. They hold your morning coffee, keep hot chocolate warm on a cold winter’s night, and even make a great soup bowl if necessary. People use coffee mugs so much; your custom mugs will always be in sight. In addition, think of it as a reminder to clients and potential clients of your business. Picture this: a few people are in a conversation of needing a company like yours, a person looks down at their mug and BAM! They’re reminded of how great your company would be for the job.

Print Whatever You Want

The sky is the limit when you purchase custom mugs. Stick your logo on it, a picture, even your company slogan. Your marketing team can go wild with possibilities for custom mugs. You can even print multiple ideas onto the same mug so that however the mug is held, there’s a reminder of your company. Talk about being on their mind.

A Custom Mug Makes A Great Gift

You won’t be able to keep these on your shelves. They make great party favors after an event. Additionally, you can add them to gift baskets, thank you notes, or freebies at a meeting. Everyone loves a custom mug as a gift. Also, you can never have too many mugs in your cabinet. Use them as a conversation starter or even give a bunch away for people to share. The most practical use? Letting employees drink their morning coffee out of them.

At Guru Printers, our custom mugs come in boxes of 5 or more. You don’t even have to supply the blank mug; everything comes included in the price. No matter why you choose to use your custom mug, you will be happy with your purchase from Guru Printers. We’ll work with you to get the design exactly right. Call us at one of our two Los Angeles locations for more details. For our Downtown office, call 213-612-4451. For our Arts District office, call 213-935-8657. We can’t wait to work with you.