Promotion, Promotion, Promotion
You are in business to sell products or services. But you aren’t going to sell anything if nobody knows what you have to offer. Without marketing, your business will either fail or will, at best, stay a niche business with a few dedicated customers who are probably going to be friends and family. No matter how P’s they add to the marketing mix, the P for promotion is the most important one for getting your message out.
Posters are a great means of getting your business promotions noticed by as many people as possible and for quickly getting this message out. Whether it is a poster in store, on the store window or strategically placed around the city, a poster is large enough to be noticed and quick enough to develop and print, and thus a great means of promoting temporary offers, recently introduced services or products or a quick reminder campaign if awareness is slowing.
Poster printing for nosiness promotion is also versatile in that the posters can be printed in various sizes from small 16 x 20 inch size suitable for store door display to 48 x 60 inches bus stop size posters. Smaller sizes are cost effective for high volumes with a wide distribution range. They can be put on store doors, in windows above the credit cards accepted display or where ever suitable for potential customers who are walking past your display. The wider the distribution the greater the chance of repeat viewing by potential customers. Large format posters are preferable for potential customers who are driving or on public transport. They will generally be further away from the poster and larger fonts and image sizes are required.
Guru Printers in Los Angeles and other similar specialised print stores will be able to assist with your poster printing for business promotions. With creative writing and imaging expertise, the staff at Guru Printers will gladly sit down with you as you work through the message you want to promote. If you have new product images or new service descriptions, then bring them along to a meeting and talk about the impact you want to make. The staff at Guru Printers have developed and printed promotional posters many times and will definitely provide you with excellent feedback on your ideas and suggest ways of improving the message and hence customer awareness.
At Guru Printers durable 8 mil glossy photo paper is used to ensure maximum image definition and text legibility. They are also aware of how quickly marketing campaigns are developed and need to be implemented so offer a four to five day turn around so that you can your promotions out early and remain competitive.
If you are a small or medium sized business, then give serious consideration to poster use as part of your marketing campaigns or if you are already using posters then head to your nearest print store to see if you can get better quality service. Guru Printers in Los Angeles are confident that your promotions will not just have impact but have a return on investment as well.