The “Wish You Were Here” days of the postcard have evolved. Today postcards are being used in many different ways.  For business owners and managers, postcards are excellent inexpensive marketing, advertising tools, and more.  Let’s look at some of the ways your business can use postcards effectively.


Postcards for marketing are a fantastic way to enhance your business exposure, clientele, and profitability – if done correctly.  People like receiving mail from friends and family.  They do not like receiving junk mail.  Therefore, when designing your postcard, make it friendly.  For example, at the top, you can print the date or something like Tuesday, 11:30 a.m.  Include a “from” with your printed or handwritten name at the bottom.

Secondly, do not beat around the bush.  Get straight to the point.  What is the biggest benefit you offer?  Make sure that is the first thing the receiver sees when they get the postcard.  Have it printed in bold at the top of the postcard or list it at the top of bullet point list. As another option, have it highlighted in bold type within the body of the text.


Using postcards for advertising, is another way to improve on an old favorite. For example, if you own a bakery and offer buy one get one free cupcakes, make sure you print it on your postcard as “BOGO CUPCAKES! or “Buy One Cupcake, Get One Free!  This usually entices the reader to continue reading the postcard.  It is imperative to grab the reader’s attention quickly, and you only have a few seconds to do so.  Keep your message brief but clearly understandable with a simple glance.

When using a postcard for advertising purposes, make certain your advertising is clearly printed. This ensures minimal to no misinterpretations.  For example, if all Christmas cakes will be half off on Saturday, December 17, 2016, make certain you include the date on your postcard. Without it, your customer might think the card implies that Christmas cakes are half off, every Saturday.

Whether you are using a postcard for marketing or advertising purposes, know your target audience before designing the postcard.  This information will help you know what to print on the postcard and how many postcards to print.

Consumer Feedback

 Another great way for your business to use postcards is for customer feedback and reviews.  Send a friendly postcard to your current customers and ask them for feedback. Give them the option of supplying feed on the postcard, online, or by calling you.  For printing on the postcard, keep the questions short and to the point, and leave room for a comment section.  It is always a good idea to ask what you can do to improve the customer’s experience.  As an example, if 25 people state the lines at your business are too long, this is an indicator that you may need to hire someone to assist you.

Discounts, Tips, and Services

Using postcards as discounts for a variety of things increases the chances of your intended recipients utilizing the card and visiting your location.  One example of this includes, sending postcards to preferred customers offering a discount on a certain weekend. Moreover, postcards can offer a discount when the customer brings an item to donate to a local food bank – this is especially effective during winter and the holiday season. Another example includes, using postcards to offer a discount to all customers who bring the postcard in with them.  Additionally, use postcards to offer tips, services, and serve as reminders of upcoming events or appointments.

When you have your mailing list, your target audience, and your message ready, contact Guru Printers at 213-612-4451(Downtown) or 213-935-8657 (Arts District) to have your postcards designed and printed, or upload your own design here. Guru Printers is a family- owned and operated business with a sincere dedication to customer service, quality products, and low prices.  As a 2016 #1 in Customer Service Yelp Award Recipient, we will be honored to help you with all of your postcard printing needs.