When you need photo printing look no further than Guru Printers

Don’t mess with online printers.  At Guru Printers we will give you hands-on help on the spot.  No need to explain your picture or problem.  We are right there by your side to help and can easily see what is going on.  Sometimes a picture of the situation really is worth more than words.

Choices with Photo Printing

When you want to print your photos there are many things to consider.  First you need to pick out the type of paper to use.  If you are not familiar with the variety of papers available it will be difficult to decide when using an online printer.  At Guru Printers we can show you examples of the various papers and what pictures printed on those papers look like.  No guessing is necessary.

When you want photos to pass around consider a matte paper.  It won’t show finger prints as easily as shiny glossy papers.  Semi-glossy paper and glossy paper are used for prints you really want to show off.  We give you the choice of which paper you want in whatever size you want.  Nothing is predetermined.

Sizing Options

Another thing you need to choose is the size, and sometimes even the shape.   Basic sizes are 4 x 6 inch or 5 x 7 inch rectangles.  If you cannot imagine those sizes we can show you.  If you need an 8 x 10 inch enlargement Guru Printers will gladly print it, plus help you frame it.  Sometimes a picture would really look better as a square.  We can easily crop off the extra while printing rather than you needing to cut the rectangular picture down to a square.  The center of attention does not need to be in the middle, we will adjust to meet your needs.  You may want special photos of special people printed as wallet size so that they are easy to carry.  We can take your best photo and print as many copies of a wallet photo as you need so that you can hand them out to everyone.

No need to buy a package or other set number of photos.  With photo printing at Guru Printers we can customize the number of pictures we print to meet your needs.

Quality Prints

Guru Printers believes in quality.  Every one of your photos is checked by a human to be sure that color look true and that there are no other problems.  If we see something we don’t like we reprint the photo with different settings to give you the best photo possible.  Machines print photos but only the human eye can determine if colors are right.  Don’t leave quality up to a machine; it can’t possibly match the careful care given to quality by one of our staff.

One thing that online photo printing companies can never offer is same day photos.  If you have a rush job and need your photos printed and ready today Guru Printers can get the job done.

Don’t trust your photo printing to just any company you can find online.  Come to Guru Printers and work with real people who will give you real quality.