Large Format Printing


Go Big and Get More Attention with Large Format Printing.

Most of us can relate to a situation where we are driving down the road and see a sign on the corner that says, “garage sale.” The standard garage sale sign is sold at virtually all major retailers and is used by the vast majority of people to inform customers that there is a sale near their current location. Vinyl Banner Printing done quickly in Los Angeles.

This is a brilliant idea. The sign is large enough to provide the space so that the words “Garage Sale” stand out so that they are easy to read and recognize. Those who love garage sales are captivated by these words and will be willing to navigate their way through a labyrinth of signs until they reach their goal of finding the sale.

Size Matters – It Does! Go With Large Format Printing.

We use this instance to teach you the importance of having an easily readable sign, especially for those who are travelling at 30 or 40 miles an hour. The mistake many businesses make is that they put a lot of information on their sign, or the sign is difficult to read, primarily by those who were driving by. Keep in mind that a person only has a second or two to view your material, so it needs to be concise, and it needs to be readable.

Having a large-format sign created is a great way to resolve this problem. Instead of trying to squeeze information into a sign that you hope will be noticed by customers, you can go larger. This is why the standard garage sale sign is a little more than twice the size of a standard sheet of paper. It is easily recognizable and has the right size to easily fit the text.

This is what you need to be looking for. You want to sign that makes it so that your business name, a sale item, or address is easily readable in the span of a couple of seconds.

Go Simple If You Can

While you are thinking about this idea, you also want to consider keeping your message as simple as possible. For example, if you are a doctor’s office offering free vaccinations, having a sign in front of your office that reads “Free Vaccinations” is all you need. You could also put a tiny needle as an image on there, but you do not need a significant amount of text.

If the sign is posted in front of the office, it will get noticed. This is the kind of thing to look for. If you have a product or service to offer, this can be an easy way to attract customers, and it starts with having a sign or banner that is easy to read.