Postcards can have many uses in business. They can be used to announce a new item for sale or an upcoming event. They can remind your clients when it is time for a return visit. The size of a postcard makes it perfect for use as a large coupon that you can mail to the customer or hand out at a trade show or other event.
Once you have the idea you want to express, gather together pictures, graphics, and your logo. Then head to Guru Printing for help on how to design the perfect postcard for your business. Our graphic design specialist will use the latest graphics programs to help layout your business card. The perfect font will be picked and text will be placed. We will take your ideas and bring them to life.
Graphics and photos are important to help your postcards stand out. Color choices can be extremely important, especially when your postcard needs to be easily seen within the stack of mail. Bright colors with exceptional graphic design will make your postcard unforgettable and easily noticed.
You will need to decide on the exact size of your postcard as you start to design it. The standard size that will come to mind is 5.47” by 4.21”. But you might want a larger postcard to fit everything on it, or to help it stand out. The three different sizes of postcards we offer all meet U.S. Postal Service regulations.
Most likely you will print on both sides of the postcard. Make sure you include basic information such as name of business, phone number, and address. You might want to include directions to your shop if it is tricky to find. Consider making the postcard a coupon by including an offer for the customer if they present you with the postcard or if they give you a special code printed on the card.
What to print the postcard on will be the next decision to make. You might think you prefer a plain color of card stock, but be sure to explore all of your options. If you are including a photo or picture on the postcard you might find that printing on a photo finish paper is better. A high gloss finish will make your picture pop right off the card while a semi-gloss or matte finish will help hide finger prints and damage to the card.
In some cases you may want a special type of printing such as raised print. Or you could feel that you need very specific colors used to best present your business to the client. Be sure to express your wishes, and to look carefully at your possibilities. Remember that the postcard is representing you when you cannot be there in person. You want it to shine as brightly as you would if you were there.
You are not alone as you approach how to design the perfect postcard for your business. Guru Printing staff will help you with every step. Then we will print your cards professionally and you will be ready to go. Just don’t forget to return when you need your next postcard designed and printed!