How to design a catchy retractable banner with help from Guru Printers Banner stands are great free standing, portable, lightweight displays. Retractable banner stands are even better as they provide an easy way to take down the banner and store it as the banner is rolled back into the base by a special mechanism. All you need to do is guide the banner. The banners stay protected when in storage and are very easy to transport. Once you own one retractable banner stand you will find many more uses for more retractable banner stands. Guru Printers can assist you with all your banner stand needs, including how to design a catchy retractable banner. Sometimes the hardest part of creating a banner stand is the design. You are totally sold on the concept of using retractable banner stands, but you need to figure out what to have printed on them. Do not hesitate to come to Guru Printers and talk with our graphic design specialist. He is a great person to bounce ideas and thoughts off of and will help you in any way that he can. Sometimes all it takes is a think session with him. It can really lead the way to fantastic banners. So don’t worry if you are struggling, come talk out your ideas and see where they lead. When designing a catchy retractable banner you need to think about grabbing your customer. This can be done via a specific phrase or more simply by bright attractive colors. Get everyone in your business, even your closest friends, involved in trying to come up with a slogan or motto. You never know who will suddenly come up with the winning idea. Start with concepts and ideas that really represent the unique aspects of your business, then work your way to the exact words. Keep your mind open, and let it wander a little more than usual. Consider that rarely is a great slogan born in an hour. Take time to play with words, look at what other people are saying, and listen to what your customers say. You just might hear the exact phrase you need. Come to Guru Printers and play with colors. We can work with you on the computer, we can show the colors on paper. All you really need is that one, special, bright, catchy color that you feel really aligns with your business. Once chosen we will help you work it into anything we design for you. Another thing that can easily help you create a catchy banner is a picture or two. People love to look at pictures both old and new. Their eyes will be drawn to what they see, and their bodies will follow right over to the banner and your booth. So bring any pictures you have that relate to your business—the first building you were in, an employee doing their job, whatever you have—to Guru Printers. Personal photos are always better than stock photos. We will show you how they can be worked into great banner designs that will draw a crowd to your booth. Now you have some ideas on how to design a catchy retractable banner. Bring those ideas to Guru Printers and see them blossom into the most fantastic banners your business has ever had.