Photo book printing can help photographers get ahead in a competitive industry. They are a new way to organize your work for accessibility and dramatic impact. Photo books make a great sample for clients to flip through, but they also make a good product in and of themselves. Print your photographs into a well-designed book with crisp, clear colors and great paper. Theme the issues and create a product that can be sold by itself!

Tangible Galleries

Online galleries are a great thing. You can store thousands of photographs (though you probably should keep it somewhat trim) and organize them in many different ways. It’s very common for photographers to include links to their online galleries in their email signatures, on their business cards, and anywhere else they can get them up.

Tangible galleries are a better way to engage with people in your office or at theirs. If you’re not going to be available to walk your prospective client through the materials, let them go online. If they’re here for a meeting, take out the fruits of your photo book printing labor and give them something they can hold in their hands. It helps to give them an idea of what a small product could look like with your designs on it.

A Quick Product

Photo book printing is also a way to get a product into your hands. If you’re going to go to trade shows or try to advertise your work, it can help to have something to sell. While many photographers rely on commissions to make the bulk of their income, anything extra doesn’t hurt. As long as you’re showcasing your talent, you may as well also showcase the work that you’ve already done!

The Key is in the Composition

When you’re putting together a photo book, you want to use the limits of the medium to your advantage. Guru Printers offers a variety of paper sizes and binding options, so explore what would make your work look its best. No matter what size or binding you choose, we have quick turnaround times and high-quality paper and printing techniques. Your photos are going to come out sharp, clear, and gorgeous every time.

Photo book printing helps photographers bring their art into the real world. It’s something that prospective clients can hold in their hands. Extra tangibility will help you stand out from a crowd of online portfolios. You can also sell photo books at trade shows and online, giving your unique art a physical space in the world. The key is combining your best photography with a photo book printing experience that lets you customize everything. It’s the only way to get what you need.