Turn to Guru Printers for all your B&W copies

It can be very easy to think that you can make all the b-w copies you could possibly need on the copy machine, inkjet printer, or laser printer you have in your office.  But be careful about that assumption.  You are most likely wrong.  The cost to make multiple copies on any of those office machines adds up quite fast.  The price per copy grows even larger when you consider the wear and tear on the machine that will rapidly add up to needing to by a new copier or printer.

What can you do when you need a large number of B-W copies?  Come to Guru Printers, of course.  We offer fast, friendly service and can handle any size job.  When you need the copies soon our turnaround time is quick.  No need to use your office copy machine or printer, or to work late into the night to get ready for the next day.

There are many times when b-w copies can come to your rescue.  One of them is if you need a simple brochure or flyer.  If all you really need to do is get the information to your audience (as opposed to catching their attention to get them interested first) then B&W is perfect.  No need to spend money on color copies to catch their eye.  The plain black and white copies will serve the purpose perfectly while being economical.  Make up your brochure or flyer, print it out or send it to us, and we will get your copies produced quickly.

Guru Printers can help you create small booklets using B&W copies.  You can pick out the exact paper you would like the booklets copied on to without needing to go shopping for special paper.  Then we can collate and staple or bind your booklets so that they are ready to hand out.  Let your office personnel concentrate on other, more important matters.  Outsource the copying to us.

When preparing for a meeting, agendas and handouts usually don’t need color so always think about bringing them to Guru Printers for copying.  Don’t waste your staff’s time standing at a copier watching it make copies.  Our large copy machines are faster and will have your order ready when you need it.

Copiers allow you to decrease the size of what you are printing out.  This can mean fitting more on a single sheet of paper.  Use our ability to help you figure out the best reduction in size of your item.  And don’t forget that we can copy to both sides of the paper.  Choose to use paper that is part recycled materials and you will be doing our environment a great favor.

Sometimes you may need to enlarge the item you are copying.  This can make it fit better on the paper or help show details better.

Guru Printers will gladly help you decide on the best way to approach the copying your project involves.  So the next time you need B&W copies head over to our store.  We will be waiting to help you.