What Is the Difference Between Matte and Gloss Lamination?


If you have ever had something printed before or you wanted to preserve some type of document, then you have likely used or at least heard about lamination. This is a process where a clear plastic film is placed over your document or other material to make it stronger and more durable. It also protects it from damage, such as spilling something on the material.


Used in Many Industries


Lamination is used in a multitude of industries. If you have been to a restaurant, it is likely that the menu is laminated to protect it from food or drink spills. Often, laminate protects maps, business and membership cards, marketing materials, catalogs, and price lists. In fact, even some books, at least the exterior, use a laminate to protect it. A lot of kid’s books do this for sure.


Lamination is perfect because of its ability to protect the paper or other material. What you may not have realized is that different types of laminate material can be used. Two of the most common are matte and gloss.


Why Use Matte?


Matte laminate is often used on material that is going to be located directly under a light. The reason behind this is that this laminate helps to protect against glare, making it easier to read and ensures that it does not blind you to look at it.


If you are choosing this type of laminate, it is essential to understand that the document or item you are laminating needs to be something that is not handled often. Matte laminate is easily scuffed or scratched, so you want to use it on something that is going to be permanently situated or, at the very most, moved minimally. It is a great look, but this is something to keep in mind.


Why Use Gloss?

Gloss is used on materials that are going to be handled every day. This is meant to provide a higher level of protection and is much easier to clean. This is why it is often used in materials like menus.


It is also used on materials where glare is not a problem. You may notice that your menu may have a glare from the light at the restaurant. Restaurant owners and managers are not worried about that. Plus, gloss laminate is the cheaper option.

There are other considerations to make when choosing a laminate material, but this gives you an idea of what may be best for you.

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