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One of the lost arts of business is the personalized letter. It used to be that a business would reach out to customers, thanking them for doing business with them. It was a great way to provide that extra touch that made people feel like they mattered to the business.

These are rarely given anymore, which is sad. They are a very enticing way to reach customers on a level that helps them feel appreciated by you. That frequently results in an increase in business, as they love that personal touch. However, that seems to have been lost.

You Can Be the Maverick

It does not have to be that way, however. There is an excellent opportunity to make yourself stand out compared to others, and sending personalized letters is one way to do this. This lets the customer know that they greatly matter to you. That you value their business, and you want them to understand how important they are to you.

Make Sure They Remember Your Name

It is a great idea to provide these kinds of letters to your customers. You can be sure that they are going to love you for the extra care that you gave. However, you want to go the extra mile to help yourself at the same time. This is where personalized stationery can really help you.

What you may not have realized is that people who receive a personalized letter are 75% more likely to keep that letter over time. They valued this attention they have received and keep it around, even if it is only in a desk drawer. There will be instances where they will occasionally review it, smiling as they think about the courteous gesture you have provided.

If you want to go the extra mile with this, then the way to go is by using personalized stationery. This means that every time they take out that letter, not only are they reminded of your generous spirit, but they have your name, telephone number, and other important contact information right in front of them. This helps you to stand out even more. Now, not only do they remember the generous thing you did, but they have your contact information. This will remind them that if they are ever in need of such services again, that you are the person to go to.

A quality stationery can help you to add that extra touch that makes you stand out even more. This can help you to be even more successful in your business endeavors. Local printing shop in Los Angeles.

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