How to design a catchy business card with a little help from Guru Printers
A business card is a business man’s (or woman’s) best friend. It will represent you when you are not there, and may be the very first thing a prospective client ever sees. It is too easy to fall into the trap of using predesigned templates when making your business cards. Instead, you need ideas on how to design a catchy business card with the help of Guru Printers.

Whenever someone asks you for your business card are you excited to hand them one? You should be because you should be so pleased with your cards that you want everyone to have one. Be sure to give yourself enough time to work on creating a business card for yourself and your business because you want it to be perfect. Catchy business cards rarely happen in 5 minutes.

Think about what happened the last time you handed someone your business card. Did they complement you on its design or show it to a co-worker? If they did, you are probably on the right track to a catchy business card. If, on the other hand, they quickly shoved it in their pocket or dropped it in the nearest plant you need to worry. If you honestly feel your business was not what they were looking for you may be all right, but otherwise you need to think more closely about your business card.

What are some of the attributes of a catchy business card? You want it to be thick, appropriately colorful, double sided, bold, shiny (or maybe some other texture), and yet simple. You might wonder how you can fit all those qualities onto one little card, but it is possible. Thickness makes your cards last so don’t pick a flimsy card stock. Double sided helps you use your card completely. Most people like printing on both sides, unless you plan to hand write special comments specific to the customer on the “back” of your card.

Color is important. Red almost always stands out. Other bright colors will also be catchy. A black, or other solid color, background will stand out among many cards. Most will have a white background, but yours can have a different color. This can make finding your card very easy for a client. You could become ‘the rose color lady’, but who cares if it helps the customer remember you. Think about using a picture of yourself on the front of your card. Many people have a tough time putting names with faces so using your picture will help avoid this. If you are absolutely against using your picture on your card then use a colorful image that takes up more than one fourth of the total face of the card. Be memorable.

Making your card catchy can come with a change in shape. If you don’t feel that a rectangle is the best shape to represent your business, then change to a different shape. Also think about die cutting a hole in a strategic place in your logo or picture. Use your imagination because nothing a right or wrong, but only some things will be catchy.

When you need help, go to the staff at Guru Printers. With years of experience they can help you with how to design a catchy business card.