Convention tote bag printing gets your booth off to the right start
If you are a convention goer you know how handy tote bags are. Just about every convention will have an exhibit hall with each exhibit handing out something for you to take home to remember them by. You need somewhere to put everything. The savviest exhibitors will offer tote bags. At Guru Printers we can help you reach that ultra-savvy level with convention tote bag printing.

When thinking about printing a tote bag you want to advertise your business, but what will be the best way of doing this? Remember that the tote bags will be seen by many people and may be used for many more months after the convention so you probably should keep the message ‘G’ rated. Put a lot of time and effort into coming up with a good catch phrase to put on the bags. Make it fun, or politely slinky, whatever fits your business. Double entendres are allowed—make it cute for adults and kids alike. The catchier the phrase is, the longer the bag will get used, maybe even passed on to others.

Next, think about a logo and graphic. You may already have a logo for your business that you will want incorporated into the design. If you don’t have a logo now may be the time to let us help you design one. The graphic artist at Guru Printers is great at developing logos for businesses and will be glad to help. A fun graphic can help set off the catch phrase perfectly and make the tote bag something that the person will keep using after the convention is long over. Once again, let Guru Printers help. Bring all the pieces and ideas to our shop and we will work closely with you to put together the perfect graphic for your convention tote bags.

One last hint, be sure that you are allowed by the organizers to hand out tote bags at the convention. Every organization has its rules and some control who can hand out what at a convention. Of course, you can always take the attitude of asking forgiveness if you make a mistake, but that will only work, at most, once, and some organizations will force you to stop handing the bags out.

If you cannot hand out tote bags at a convention you can always use them for handouts at your shop or have your salespersons carry them on calls, filled with goodies for whomever they will be meeting with. Stock them with a mix of items from your business like business cards, flyers, and pamphlets (all printed at Guru Printers, of course), then add fun items such as snack foods and drink mixes. Consider matching the snacks to either your business or the intended recipients. Tote bags are always a welcome give away, no matter when.

So you are ready for convention tote bag printing. All you need to do is head to Guru Printers. You will like our prices, and they will be ready when you need the bags.