Make a fantastic lasting impression with attractive color copies and let Guru Printers help you. Both first impressions and repeat impressions are important in business. Don’t let a chance to make excellent lasting impressions pass you by. Color copies can put your best food forward. Guru Printers aims to make you look great while providing you with outstanding customer service.
You may not realize how you can use color copies to promote your business. High quality full color flyers can serve as quick announcements of new or improved items or services your company has to offer. You could have an event to announce. Use color flyers to showcase your most popular products and services in order to promote your business. Have readily available handouts and great take-away items for your customers to help remind them of your business and its services so that they will keep coming back. If you run a business with a constantly changing menu, food or otherwise, color copies can keep your menu up to date with minimal effort.
At first this may seem overwhelming, but with the help of Guru Printers staff you will find it easy and affordable. Start by thinking of an item or service your business offers that customers are or should be interested in or that you definitely want to promote. Take some photos of it and come into Prism Photo to get started on your flyer, announcement, or quick brochure.
When we say “flyer” we are not only thinking of an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of plain paper. We are really talking about a large selection of possibilities. You might want announcements printed on smaller sized, colored card stock, especially if you are interested in mailing the announcement to customers. A tri-fold brochure can make a great take home reminder of what you are selling.
If your menu of food or services changes regularly create a file in your favorite word processing program. Include some cute related graphics to make the menu more appealing. Then make changes as needed. Print out a clean copy and bring it to Guru Printers for color copies each time a significant change occurs. You can keep your menu up to date and print only the number of copies you expect to use before the next change. An easy and economical way to use color copies to promote your business.
You could have your eye on a newsletter for your business, but are not really sure how to create one. You write the copy (the words) and bring that along with photos and more ideas to Guru Printers. We will assist you with layout and graphics to create a pleasing newsletter that will impress your customers. They will know you mean business when they see your professional newsletter. Start by copying only a small number of newsletters to distribute. You can always make more as you find more places to hand out your newsletter.
We did not list all the possible uses of color copies to promote your business but hopefully we got you thinking. As you come up with how you want to use color copies bring your plans to Guru Printers and see them grow. Our prices are great and our turnaround time is excellent. Small runs can be done while you wait if necessary. Larger runs can be ready for pickup tomorrow.