Cheap Color Copies
Liven up with Color
Is your office communication in black and white? Are your photocopies all dull grey-scale? Well it’s time to liven up with color printing. As humans we react to color. We associate color with various emotions and react to color to improve mood. We focus on color when in a monotone environment. If you are still stuck in the age of black and white prints to communicate information, then it may be time to bring some color into your life.
Color printing used to be prohibitively expensive and it was cheaper and easier to simply print in black and white or grey scale on a laser printer or using a photocopier. However technology has developed to an extent where color laser printers and color photocopiers are becoming more common in homes and offices.
Color has applications in our homes and businesses. Color prints of art or photos can liven up a living room wall or kitchen. Perhaps you want to keep the original drawing your kid did in grade 2 but are worried that putting it up on a wall will damage it. A quick and cheap color copy, means you can keep the original and have an identical replica copy adorning your kitchen wall. Perhaps you have downloaded an abstract art print that would go great next to the lamp in the living room. A few cheap color copies and you have a supply of prints ready to be displayed.
Color is equally applicable in day to day business meetings, presentations and communication. Are your strategy documents pages and pages of black text with the occasional grey-scale graph? Not particularly inspiring is it? With current cheap color copies, you can splash meaningful color onto your strategy documents or sales manuals, emphasizing key points, numbers and trends. Even presentation hand-outs can be done in color to make sure your audience pays more attention to what you have to say and are guided through important highlights and not bogged down in detail while you are talking. Even the simple use of color in office memos can be inspiring to your staff and a sign to them that the business isn’t just thinking into two tone color.
Just because color copies used to be expensive and we now have a habit of printing, what we perceive as non-essential color, doesn’t mean that things have not changed. Cheap color copies are available to all homes and businesses meaning we can now evolve a habit of printing in color. If you don’t have a color printer in your home or office, then a good local print store will have a high quality color printer and photocopier and they will provide you with cheap color copies.
With this in mind you really have no excuse to liven up your home or office with color. Just think of a safely stored original drawing or more retention of what is said at a strategy presentation. Given the cost-effectiveness of color copies these days, isn’t that worth the investment in color in your day to day activities.