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Word-of-mouth marketing and branding

Word-of-mouth marketing and branding Brand designs that are memorable, evocative and eye-catching are what can make your brand stand out among the others. From tote bags to stickers, your marketing items should convey the identity of your brand while giving your clients the feel that your business and its marketing tools were exclusively designed for […]

Trade shows giveaways tips

Trade shows giveaways tips You can still stand out from other competing businesses by giving away low cost promotional items at trade shows and conventions.   At Guru Printers we’ve compiled a list of often seen promotional items at trade shows.  Below we will explain the benefits of each.  Stickers  Tote bags T-shirts Power banks  Luggage […]

Why Silk is a Good Option for Business Cards

Having the right business card is important. A business card is often the first impression of you or your company. It tells potential customers not just what you do but who you are. A poorly made business card doesn’t put out a good impression at all; it can harm your marketing goals instead of boosting […]


HOW DESIGN AND BRANDING WORK TOGETHER   Branding is about repetition and consistency within the context or promoting your small business. The look of your logo, your message and the design of those elements need look consistent across all your marketing materials as well as your website. By doing so your brand identity forms a […]

Tips on how to use your marketing material

Tips on how to use your marketing material Choosing the right marketing material and its method of distribution is a simple and affordable strategy for small business owners in various industries. Marketing materials can serve to remind customers of your business and provide all of the information they need to contact you. Furthermore, your marketing […]

How to pick the right label and design for your product. 

How to pick the right label and design for your product.  Labels are a cost effective way to add character and a professional edge to your packaging and products.  At Guru Printers we’ve created a guide to help decide the best shape, size and finish for your unique label. Here are some things to consider […]

Catalog Printing Services in Los Angeles

Catalog Printing Services in Los Angeles Online marketing and advertising have become popular in recent years, allowing businesses to improve their bottom line and generate higher returns on investments (ROIs). With the upsurge of digital marketing, companies can reach their target audience, drive traffic to their websites, and increase sales. Although the virtual world has […]

How Clear Roll Labels Can Grow Your Business

Growing your business requires keeping track of a lot of moving parts. You have to be on top of your promotion, organization, and production. If any of these aspects start to suffer, your business could become stagnant. Using clear roll labels in Los Angeles can help you keep your business on track as it expands. […]

Business card examples to inspire and motivate

Business card examples to inspire and motivate It can be difficult to design and create a business card that can make your brand stand out among others.  At Guru Printers we make aim to make the process behind all your marketing materials easy.  Here is a list of business card examples to help inspire you […]

Appointment cards are a way for your business card to multitask

Appointment cards are a way for your business card to multitask Your business cards are a great way to make in impression on your potential clientele or current customers.  They communicate the professionalism of your business and brand.  In this article we explore how the back of your business card is just as important as […]

Tips on increasing your retail sales

Tips on increasing your retail sales Foot traffic from potential clientele and loyal customers is essential in running a retail store or restaurant.  Being inside of your brick-and-mortar location is the most tangible way people can access your brand.  As a small business owner, you’re already likely using several methods to grab the attention of […]

Cheap Catalog Printing in LA

Cheap Catalog Printing in Los Angeles Everything in the 21st century is available at people’s fingertips thanks to advanced, cutting-edge technology, such as the internet, social media, and online shopping platforms. The digital age has allowed people to purchase anything reliably, efficiently, and quickly. The internet has become a universal shopping platform because it enables […]

Where to Utilize Vinyl Lettering in Los Angeles

Vinyl lettering is a useful tool in helping your business grow and expand. There are several uses for vinyl lettering in Los Angeles, from organization to promotion and more. Your business, company, or personal brand can utilize vinyl lettering for marketing purposes, storage aid, and even decorations. With a quick and high-quality printing job, you’ll […]


Marketing is about connection just as much as it is about business.   There are many ways you can show appreciation and love for your customers who are crucial to your success.  Here are some ways to show your customers some love.  OFFER A PERK Offering your customers an added perk or discount brings value to […]


IT’S TIME TO DESIGN YOUR SIGN Creating the right sign for your small business is essential to making a great impression and effectively getting your message across.  At Guru Printers we know we’ve consulted some design experts to make designing and selecting your sign easier.  Getting the attention of your customers through a great sign […]

Rush Catalog Printing in LA – Everything You Need to Know

Rush Catalog Printing in LA Printed catalogs have been a powerful, effective, and proven way for many years to promote products and services to potential customers. Catalogs allow businesses to showcase the best features of their products and include essential details, such as info, sizes, options, and other relevant information. Leveraging the power of printed […]

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