Big Message? Use a Banner.
Banners are an incredibly versatile advertising medium with wide applicability and location attributes. Whether you are looking to advertise at conferences, trade shows, outside your store, right at the point of purchase or on a billboard across a highway, banner printing and their use in advertising should be your stock tool for communicating your company’s messages to the masses. Banners can be used indoors or outdoors and can be as small or large as needed.
Banners are a great way of getting a message out there through a large format print medium. Banners can be used almost anywhere and can be as permanent, temporary or removable as you want them to be. Whether you are looking for a massive billboard style advert or something temporary, transportable for next week’s four day trade show, then using banner printing for this advertising strategy, is the way to go.
Banners can be used indoors or outdoors. When used for outdoor purposes, the vinyl used as the print base is treated to make it more durable to adverse weather conditions and resistant to general wear and tear that any outdoor material faces on a daily basis. This durability and general strength makes a banner a lasting communication tool that can be left to do its job for weeks on end. If you are a large corporate, you may want to go big with a billboard sized banner that you hang from your head office building or even wrap around one of your satellite office blocks. These billboard style banners can be seen for some distance and with some key text statements and vibrant use of color and layout, can grab the attention of potential customers as they are walking or driving around town.
You may not have the budget for such large scale banners, but that doesn’t mean outdoor banner printing is not available to you. A banner hanging across the top of your store front, can bring in potential customers from across the street or can even be displayed at events you are sponsoring or participating in using a simple A-frame trestle.
If you feel indoor banner displays are more applicable to your business, indoor banners are still as versatile and applicable as outdoor banners. Collapsible banners with their own base are great for standalone displays at conferences or trade shows. Collapsible banners are also useful in store, where they frame the point of sale area or draw attention to sales items. Indoor banners are adaptable to many situations, and your banner printing store will advise on the various structures used for banner display yet remain portable.
If you are considering a promotion using a banner, whether it be indoors or outdoors, then make contact with a good local print store that offers banner printing services. Don’t worry if you only have draft design and layout ideas. A good print store will have the in-house design expertise to take right from the first concept and design steps all the way to a final vinyl printed banner containing your unique brand and message.