Personalized stickers are an effective and affordable way to enhance your brand identity, visibility, and recognition. Stickers boost your marketing campaigns and give your products a more streamlined, attractive, and refreshed look, building brand awareness at meetups, events, tradeshows, etc.

Guru Printers offers state-of-the-art stickers in various shapes, sizes, and finishes made of premium-quality, durable, and weather-resistant materials. Our stickers can create a one-of-a-kind and professional appearance that help you connect with your prospective and existing customers.

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The Importance of Personalized Stickers

Personalized stickers offer a wide range of advantages over other advertising and marketing methods. You can hire Guru Printers to produce personalized stickers at a low cost and improve your marketing and promotional campaigns. Here are a few benefits of investing in customized stickers for your business.

Advertise Your Business

Stickers stick anywhere – however, how you stickers depend on your specific business requirements. At the same time, which type of stickers can improve your business, and promotional campaigns are a primary concern for companies.

Therefore, consulting a reputable company with extensive knowledge of sticker printing is the best way to make the most of your investment. A professional printing service like Guru printers can give you the best ideas, suggestions, and plans to streamline the entire process.

Managing a marketing campaign for your business event or exhibition requires you to place stickers on your products. Properly placed stickers with relevant materials is an excellent way to create a positive brand impression. In addition, you can create giveaway events with durable stickers for marketing your business.

Long-Lasting Products

Personalized stickers printed by professional services like Guru Printers are long-lasting products. These stickers are powerful tools to communicate with your target audience for a lifetime.

Besides, our stickers stick for a lifetime, meaning every time a customer glances over your product reminds them of your business or brand. So this creates a long-life relationship and makes your customers more likely to perform word-of-mouth marketing for your brand.

Custom Holographic Stickers

Integrate with Branding Campaign

Every business makes substantial efforts to grow its brand because this is directly proportional to increasing revenues. Stickers are flexible products to integrate with different offline branding campaigns.

You can use personalized stickers with different types of advertising materials, including bags, catalogs, brochures, product packaging, caps, gift items, etc. In addition, you can integrate stickers with a running marketing campaign.

The reason is that stickers fit with your branding elements. However, hiring a professional printing service is crucial to designing and producing premium-quality stickers. For instance, experts at Guru Printers can create die-cut stickers to make your brand more unique and attractive.


When you create a marketing strategy, you focus on your budget because you don’t want to lose money. Unlike other marketing techniques, sticker printing is the best option to save money and increase your campaign’s ROIs.

Besides, sticker printing usually costs less than other marketing methods, such as banner printing ads, hoardings, brochures, door hangers, and TV advertising. Creatively designed stickers are an excellent way to make your brand visible before the eyes of your prospective and existing customers.

The best thing is that you can achieve your goals without spending much money. Let us now discuss the type of stickers that can improve your business and generate higher returns on investments.

Bumper Stickers

Gloss UV Coated Stickers

Gloss UV-coated stickers are the most durable, attractive, and reliable products. Stickers printed on 70lb paper are an effective, quick, and affordable way to promote your business events.

In addition, you can use gloss UV-coated stickers on your products and packaging. Guru Printers follow an innovative approach to printing gloss UV-coated stickers in various shapes, including rectangles, ovals, circles, and squares.

We also offer a wide range of sizes to choose from, allowing you to customize the size based on your requirements. We print stickers in CMYK full color using premium-quality technology that produces splendid photos, graphics, and artwork.

Custom Holographic Stickers

Custom holographic stickers are an excellent option for businesses to give their products or packaging a magical look. The shiny metallic material creates a beautiful effect with rainbow reflection, shifting colors at different angles.

The primary reason businesses opt for holographic stickers is that they protect your brand identity. Most people find it challenging to tamper with custom holographic stickers, ensuring your product’s quality remains intact for a prolonged period.

The chances of counterfeiting are fewer with holographic stickers, which is why many brands choose these products for their packaging. Guru Printers can produce premium-quality holographic stickers at the most affordable prices.

Myraid Foil Stickers

Myraid foil stickers are popular for businesses to grab customers’ attention. These are perfect for your postages, packaging, products, and promotions. You can choose from a wide range of colors to create eye-catching foiled stickers with unique designs to make your brand stand out from the competition.

Guru Printers’ custom sticker printing provides you with complete design freedom. The purpose is to create unique stickers for your business. Our professional team uses specialized digital techniques that prevent you from using premade templates and designs. So, you have more customization options to achieve your goals.

With foil sticker printing services at Guru Printers, you can print a unique product and choose from numerous colors. When using Guru Printers, you can choose from various shapes and sizes, including custom shapes.

Crack and Peel Stickers

Crack and peel stickers printed and finished at Guru Printers are easy to peel and highly convenient to apply. These stickers allow for a more streamlined peeling and application process, saving time and effort for your employees.

Crack and peel stickers are available in various shapes and sizes, including square, rectangular, circular, and round products. These stickers are perfect to market your business and positively impact your customers.

Final Words

When designing and printing stickers for your products, packaging, or marketing events, hire a professional service like Guru Printers. We use cutting-edge techniques and printing technology to get the job done adequately. Contact us today for more information!