Having the right business card is like having a good handshake in the professional world. If your business card is cheap, flimsy, or not designed well, you can make the wrong first impression. Your business card needs to be professional and durable. With plastic printers, it’s possible to get a beautifully designed plastic business card that is sure to make a good impression on whoever you give it to. With their added value, strength, and design elements, plastic business cards function much better than paper cards in the professional world.


Plastic business cards provide additional durability and security for your contact information. Even heavy-duty, thick paper business cards can suffer the wear and tear of everyday use. If not cared for properly, paper cards can bend, tear, wrinkle, and stain. Unfortunately, even if you take extra good care of your cards before handing them out, you can’t always guarantee that the recipient will be as gentle. If your paper business card is stuffed in a bag, tied up with a bunch of other cards, or stuck in someone’s pocket, it may not be legible by the time someone gets around to looking at it.

With plastic business cards, however, you can better ensure the safety of your information. The plastic material of the card helps prevent any bending or tears that could render your contacts illegible. The clear-coated surface also helps prevent water damage or other stains. By taking the extra time and effort to ensure your business card stays well-protected, you show potential business contacts that you care about your company and the way you present yourself. With a durable plastic business card in hand, you can prove your professionalism and encourage others to work with you.

Design Elements

Paper business cards do have their benefits when it comes to design. With UV spotlighting, foil coating, and varying touch finishes, you can customize them how you see fit. But paper business cards also have a few design elements missing that you can get with plastic business cards. 


In the business world, anyone who’s anyone has a business card. Standing out from the crowd is a goal that should be high on your list at any conference or event. With a plastic business card, you can have transparent sections that allow viewers to see through your card. While this limits the front-and-back design space you have to work with, it does provide a unique appearance that will help your company get noticed.

Frosted Finish

If full transparency isn’t enough to make a lasting impression, you can also get your plastic business cards finished with a frosted design. This hazy transparency still provides a unique look to your card. However, it doesn’t allow for full visibility, providing an extra bit of charm and professionalism to your card.

Durable Writing

Writing on the backs of paper business cards is easy enough. But some of the paper and finishes won’t always hold ink or graphite as they should. And what’s the point of writing some important information down if the writing is just wiped off when you touch it? With opaque plastic business cards, you can ensure that your notes and additional contact information will securely remain where you wrote them. This helps you maintain your business connections and show off your professionalism.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Perceived Value

As humans, we’re constantly making connections and comparisons in our brains, usually unconsciously. When someone holds a paper business card, they know that’s all that it is. It’s just another one of dozens that they’ve picked up recently that attempts to make a good impression on them. But by being so like everything else, these business cards start to lose their value in the recipient’s mind.

Plastic business cards, on the other hand, have an added perceived value when you hand them out. First, they are unique and different from all the others. Because of this, it’s common for others to assume that they are more expensive when, in reality, they are still cost-effective. Second, the added weight and texture make a lasting impression. And the more someone is thinking about an object, the more value they place on that object. Finally, plastic business cards have the same appearance, shape, and feel as plastic credit cards. That association will add even more perceived value to your business card. All of this adds up to create a good impression that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Plastic Business Card Design Tips

Choosing a plastic business card is a good first step toward helping your business seem more professional and valuable. But having a poorly designed business card can hurt you just as much. When designing a plastic business card, keep the following tips in mind.

Use a Minimalistic Design – This is especially important if you have a transparent or frosted business card. Too much clutter can diminish the effects the card has on viewers.

Have Essential Information – Make sure you include your contact information and business website/logo so others can find you easily.

Choose Legible Fonts – It’s no good having your contact information if no one can read it. Be sure to choose a font that clearly defines each letter and number.

Include Visual Graphics – Having a strong visual element will help draw attention to your card and get you more business.

Plastic Printers in Downtown Los Angeles

If you’re ready to see the difference a plastic business card can make to your company, you need a printer you can work with. As one of the leading plastic printers in downtown Los Angeles, Guru Printers is ready to help you get the business card of your dreams. We even offer in-house design services to help you create the perfect design for your company. To get started, you can browse our available options for plastic business cards or give us a call at (213) 513-6533 for assistance with your order.