When hosting an event, it is important to make the most of your marketing budget. A step and repeat banner is an excellent addition to your event. A step and repeat banner is a large backdrop that is typically set up near the entrance or right inside the door of a big event. The banner itself usually has a logo or business name printed in a pattern repeatedly, and is where people stop to take photos before going inside. Here are a few compelling reasons to make room in your event budget for a step and repeat.

Control Your Entrance

You will want your event to feel like it has one entry and exit point. Sometimes that is hard to communicate to your guests. Guests coming in from all different directions makes your event looks scattered and disorganized. A step and repeat is a cannot-miss focal point that will let your guests know without a doubt where the entrance is. The step and repeat will create an impressive line as people pause to take photos with their friends and dates.

Upgrade Your Event

A step and repeat makes your event look polished and well planned. It is the first thing that guests will notice as they enter your event and it will make them feel like they are attending something really special. Everyone associates step and repeats with glitzy Hollywood movie parties. Your guests will love getting their picture made in front of your own step and repeat.

Social Media

Your event can go from guests only to high profile by simply adding an opportunity for guests to take photos in front of the step and repeat. Guests can take their own photos and share them on their social media channels. Additionally, you can setup a photo booth opportunity and control the social media sharing yourself. Tag guests, hashtag sponsors and take your event from one evening to a digital wave that connects with people for days and weeks to come.


A step and repeat is a fantastic incentive for sponsors. By promising them prime real estate on your step and repeat banner, sponsors can enjoy maximum exposure. Your guests will know immediately who has sponsored the event. Additionally, guests will share their photos on social media which will garner them more exposure. Make space on your step and repeat banner a prime incentive for your top givers and see how many sponsors bump up their donations.

Making Connections

What if one of your goals is to meet people and gather information? The step and repeat is the perfect way to gather that information. With the addition of a professional photo opportunity, your staff can warm chatter with guests and gather their information to send them photos or connect them with exciting opportunities within your company. Even without a professional photographer, it is the receiving line for your event and a great reason to get your guests to the door and slow them down so you have time to meet each person.

A step and repeat is a must have for your next event.  With so many benefits, it’s hard to make the case to not have one. A step and repeat will give your party a quality and professional look, it will frame the entrance to your event, and gain you visibility on social media and with donors. It’s easy to make the case for one when you see the impact a step and repeat can have on the success of your event. Call Guru Printers at (213) 612-4451 to order one for your event.