Visually appealing restaurant menus generate more sales. Because of this, don’t make menus a low priority in your restaurant business! You may be more focused on the cooking aspect, but paying attention to restaurant menus is also a critical factor in attracting clients and customers.

Design Keeping Eye Scanning Patterns in Mind

When you are designing your restaurant menu, you need to keep customers’ eye scanning patterns in mind. Ask yourself, how do the customers read the menu, and where does their attention focus as a starting point? Do they read the menus like a book, or do they start checking the prices first? Also, don’t waver too much from the norm when deciding where to place items on the menu. It would help if you aimed at making it easy for customers to search for dishes by arranging them in logical groups, starting with the appetizers.

Use Photos to Attract Customers

Most people, especially foodies, love to see food pictures. People focus on images first, and you can take advantage of this knowledge and tell an exciting story with photos. These pictures can make your brand more memorable. If you have a long history, you can include some images of early days, including founders and some original menu items. Moreover, if any particular dish is really popular, you can also highlight it. Additionally, some restaurants like to showcase fresh nutrients or calorie counts for health-conscious customers.

Choose a Simple Paper for Printing

Your aim should be to print a simple menu that is easier to read. There is no point in making it super-fancy but hard to read. If you choose colored paper, it will blur the words and images and will not appeal to your customers.

Proofread Your Menu

You may be in a hurry to print your restaurant menus, but in all this excitement, don’t forget the critical step of proofreading your menus. When you order a sample print, it will give you a good idea of what your menu will look like and whether you need to make any changes to font, color, etc. Try to read it during the day as well as in night lighting to make sure the words are legible. You can test it out with your staff before printing a large order.

Consider Lamination

Depending on how your menu is designed, you can consider laminating it for durability. Of course, if you are printing it like a book, you don’t need to laminate it. Keeping your menu lighter is preferable. Moreover, laminated menus stay much cleaner since they can easily be wiped off, and you don’t need frequent replacements.

Guru Printers specializes in printing custom restaurant menus. If you have a particular design in mind, you can format your image as a PDF, upload it, and your menus will be ready to print. We also offer in-house graphic designers who can help you in designing your menu. For all your restaurant menu printing needs, feel free to contact us today to get started.