Why Should I Print in 3-Dimensions?
Three dimension printing has emerged as a new technology within the last two years and despite the technology’s relative youth it has become very accessible to everyone. It is not just a technology used for building mock models for research and development but is also a technology that has applications for the home hobbyist and even for those needing a once off toy, art-piece or unique home accessories.
3printed using human cells and used in transplantation.
This all sounds like “way out of my league” technology. But let’s take a little time to think about this. I am sure you have spent many an afternoon having run out of ideas for what necklace to where as you head to your favorite restaurant or thought “my child has everything; what should I buy him for Christmas?” Maybe your architect’s drawings look great on paper but what would my dream house actually look like. All of these questions can be answered with 3D printing. Printers are now priced within the realms of your traditional print stores and many are stocking these printers alongside their photographic, canvas and banner printers.
It really is just a case of driving to the nearest mall and pitching your concept or idea to a 3D printing expert and in just a few hours you can have your bespoke pendant ready for your night out. The current commercial printers have relatively rapid print speeds. In an hour, a 3D printer will have already created just over an inch of your construction. Size is not a limitation either with local print stores having printers that can print an object over 1000 inches in volume. Imagine your child’s face when he see his imagined space trooper materialize in front of his highs and is fifteen inches tall.
But who does this 3D printing? Will my creation come with a “Made in China” sticker? No, it’s just a trip down the road. More and more print stores have expertise in the field of 3D printing. Their experts have the knowledge to take your imagination, digitize it into the right file type and then have it printed. They have knowledge of the best materials for the best use of your creation which is now anything from metal to nylon. Given the competitive pricing of 3D printers and printing materials, your local expert is often prepared to work with you as you produce your first and only prototype through to the final, fully refined ten, twenty or more identical pieces of jewellery or toys you now want to go on and sell.
The question actually shouldn’t be “why should I print in 3D?” Given your local print stores vision, the question should really be “why should I not print in 3D?”
D printing started off as a high-tech application with applications in high-end industries. 3D printers have been used to prototype parts in everything from the automotive industry to valves and tools used in space flight. Many of these 3D printed prototypes have gone on to be used in actual vehicles and spacecraft. The health industry has even gone onto use 3D printers for the making of implants and devices used within the human body. A 3D printed pelvis and lower jaw have already been transplanted into humans and it won’t be long until human organs will be