3D Printing in Color and White

Another Dimension
Printing capabilities have improved over the last few years to the point where another dimension has literally been added to a printers output abilities. 3D printing is finally here, meaning we no longer only have the option of printing on a flat piece of card. We can now print an object that not only has length and width but depth too. Something that we can fold in our hands, turn it over, turn it around, upside down and back again.
3D printing has finally made it to the masses. The technology has developed very rapidly, but not just with rich engineering and medical industries in mind. Desktop 3D printers have been developed which make 3D printing accessible to the home and office now providing all of us with significant new applications for our home or product projects.
3D printing involves the layering of a solid layer on top of a layer below it, slowly creating an object that gains height as more and more layers are added. 3D printing is typically done with plastic or plastic powders, but, depending on the application for your object, metals, metal composites and even nylon can be used to create your product. You may think that 3D printing just provides you with a transparent, white or metallic colour object once printed but this was thought of during development and, depending on the printer, up to 24 colors can be used to coat your object giving it not only three dimensions but also great looks as well. The option of 3D printing in color or white is thus open to you.
As the technology is new, you may be thinking what you could use 3D printing for. You are just getting used to getting your annual calendars and now you need to get to know this new application. 3D printing has many uses and all it takes is imagination and some creativity to get full use out of 3D printing in white and color. You can have your own jewellery printed or a small statue or sculpture printed for home décor.
If you are thinking of the applications of 3D printing in business, then you can consider printing prototypes of products or developing proof of concept models. 3D printing is applicable in industries as diverse as medicine and architecture.
You probably don’t want to invest in a printer for your home or office just yet so the best place to explore 3D printing in white and color is at your local print store that has adopted this technology. Those stores that have in store printers are experts in this technology and walk you through what you need to get a project printed. They have the know-how to develop the digital file that tells the printer what to print and what color to add and where. They will explain which printing materials are best suited for your object and the properties you will object will have once printed.
It may all sound beyond your needs right now, but a chat with the 3D experts in your local store will provide you with the inspiration to get creative. 3D printing is new and accessible and is very quickly becoming embedded in many things we use every day. It’s time to add that extra dimension and print in 3D.