Help start a new trend with custom 3D printed Christmas ornaments from Guru Printers
Christmas trees may not have changed very much over the years, but how we decorate them sure has. Today you can produce your own ornaments using 3 dimensional printing at Guru Printers. Custom 3D printed Christmas ornaments are very new but will catch on quickly so you will want to get your ornaments made now, before the ‘Christmas rush’.
Custom 3D printed Christmas ornaments offer multiple advantages. First of all, they are routinely made of plastic so they can be unbreakable. When using the right patterns that do not include very thin pieces there is never a problem if they get into the wrong hands or paws. There are many unbreakable designs available that can take advantage of the second benefit of 3D printed Christmas ornaments too. You can customize them to make a truly personal ornament. Choose to customize them based on your personality, or customize the ornaments for each recipient and their personality or hobbies.
The second advantage of customization also means you can create things from your imagination. Search the internet and you will see the many types of ornaments that can be made. Several feature something, like a snowman, dove, or snowflake, inside of a spidery orb. Staff at Guru Printers can help you create the file that is needed to create just such an ornament. You can pick what you want to place inside of the orb. Add color by using different color plastics, or paint the ornament. What you do is your choice.
3D printing offers the ability to make quite intricate ornaments with thin or small parts. If you are good with optical illusions there are ways to create ornaments that look like one thing, say a box, from one angle while looking like a different thing, a ball, from a different angle. A simple image can be repeated in a manner that creates a snowflake to hang on your Christmas tree. Experiment with ideas and do not hesitate to contact Guru Printers for help.
Feel free to explore the internet and what it has to offer for “patterns” for 3D ornaments. If you find an ornament you like and can get the computer file that makes it, bring the file into our shop. Guru Printers can make any changes to your ornament you would like, then print it for you in whatever color you prefer.
Custom ornaments can make a great gift for office staff or any other group of people you need to have relatively the same gift for. If you choose, you can include your business logo in the design of the ornament.
Your club or organization can sell ornaments as a fund raiser. Consider offering customization of the ornaments. Guru Printers can help you produce each customized ornament at a good price so that you will still earn money.
So many ideas and so little time. Search the internet or come up with ornaments from your own imagination, then make your Christmas list early and decide who should receive which ornament. Guru Printers will be ready to make as many ornaments as you want.