Guru Printing offers 3D PLA printing for your production needs. No need for you to worry about purchasing and maintaining your own three dimensional printing machinery or always having the most up to date equipment. Let Guru Printing take care of those worries for you as we offer the finest, most professional three dimensional printing available.
Our equipment will print paper thin layers when needed. This gives some of the most realistic prototypes and models for demonstrations and presentations as well as high quality parts for machinery. You will have smooth-to-the-touch surfaces that will not require postproduction processing such as sanding or finishing.
When you are looking for lower resolution to create early prototypes look to Guru Printing as well. Our equipment can handle whatever you need.
PLA filament is a bioplastic derived from corn, potatoes, or sugar beets. It is free of any heavy metals, phthalates or BPA. PLA is considered a more earth-friendly plastic when compared to ABS plastic which is derived from petroleum. While PLA can be composted at commercial composting facilities it will not bio-degrade in your backyard compost pile.
PLA is a great material to start with because it is easy to use. PLA filament will perform well for most prints and shows high consistency from one print to the next. Long-term exposure to humidity is not recommended as the item can absorb moisture and the filament quality and performance can be compromised. It is possible to dry out PLA filament or items produced from it, but it is better avoid the problem as drying can alter the filament and its properties. Exposure to heat can also create problems so PLA is not suitable for certain types of machinery parts that would be exposed to heat during use.
PLA is a thermoplastic, which means that it becomes moldable and soft when heated but returns to solid when cooled. The process of heating, then cooling, can be repeated many times without problems occurring. Luckily, 3D PLA printing does not create an extremely unpleasant odor.
When heated, PLA becomes much more liquid than ABS plastic. With active cooling much sharper details can be produced. Printed corners can be sharp, with no rounding and without risk of cracking or warping. Flow of PLA is also increased which can lead to stronger binding between layers which will improve strength of the item.
When comparing printing with ABS plastic filament to PLA plastic filament, PLA will usually produce much less part warping. Sometimes on very large prints the edge may curl slightly but Guru Printing does everything it can to stop this problem from occurring.
PLA is naturally transparent. This allows it to be colored to various degrees of opacity or translucency. Printed articles will generally have a glossier feel and look than ABS plastic. If needed, PLA can be sanded or machined.
So now you know some of the advantages and disadvantages of using PLA plastic filament as your printing medium. You also know that Guru Printing is your place to go for 3D PLA printing. Bring us your next project and see the difference.