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Feather Flag Angled (Small) 

When in and around the Los Angeles area and you have an event or wish to do some affordable but effective advertising, you should consider feather angled flag (small). Imagine having a perfectly sized feather angled flag that is small in size but big in messaging. Guru Printers in Los Angeles has a wide variety of angled flags and other advertising props to cater for all your needs.

A small feather angled flag can be placed anywhere due to its compact size. When advertising in the Los Angeles area, consult with Guru Printers and share your flag needs. Let the professionals offer advice on the flag size you need, how many are required, color combinations and product care. Following professional guidance will ensure that you get the most out of your angled flags. Whether you are advertising indoors or outdoors, a small feather angled flag from Guru Printers will do the trick.

How To Care For Your Angled Flag:

  • Store it in the provided carry bag
  • Neatly fold and place all parts carefully to avoid breakage
  • Regularly wash your flag, removing all metallic parts first.
  • Ensure the base is safely secured to prevent injuries.
  • Have multiple angled flags according to your needs and budget to avoid overusing one flag.


  • 9 ft end to end height
  • 78.5” flag height
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Dye Sublimation
  • Heavy-Duty Cross Base
  • Sturdy Stake to place in the ground
  • High-Resolution Flag digitally printed at 720X720 resolution
  • 4 Oz. Heavy Duty Polyester Flag Material
  • Comes with a Carrying Bag