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Plastic Business Cards Los Angeles - Guru Printers

Guru Printers can take care of all your plastic card printing in Los Angeles! We offer custom business cards in a range of sizes and designs.

  • 20pt plastic
  • Available Turnaround Times : 8 Business Days & 5 Business Days


Spread Your Name with Plastic Business Cards!

Business cards are still an essential tool for any business, business manager or executive and are always to be kept in the top pocket or in the top drawer for easy handout to those wishing to make further contact with you or to encourage additional conversations once you have parted ways. The simple business card with essential contact details and a design associated with your business or company still play a vital part in business growth and development. Paper based business cards are the mainstay of the business card industry as they are cost effective to design and print. However, they tend to get lost in the multitude of other business cards that people receive meaning they very quickly lose their impact and are unlikely to be pulled out of the top drawer or business card holders that fellow managers and executives or customers and stakeholders use to store their collections. If you do want to make an impact and `increase your chances of a call back, then you need to take the design, look and feel of your business cards up a level or two. One creative way to bring about impact and memory retention of your business cards is to have them printed on plastic. With design and printing techniques that greatly enhance the look of a 3.5 x 2 inch piece of plastic, your business card will stay on the top of the pile just waiting to be used to make that next phone call. You may immediately think of a credit card designed piece of plastic, but nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to plastic business cards. Plastic business cards can have a translucent look, have color tinted areas or have a solid base color on which details are printed. The printing style means that plastic business cards can take on design elements and an image and appearance that can never be achieved with a paper based business card. Plastic business cards bring class and style to a very routine business tool. This will greatly enhance your business image and reputation when handed to recipients whether they be potential partners, stakeholders or future customers. When seeking out suppliers of design and printing of plastic business cards, it is critical that identify suppliers with the highest quality polymers and have the necessary plastic hot foil printing equipment to ensure the highest level of image and text printing on plastic. If you are choosing plastic business cards for your marketing strategy then make sure that you are receiving the highest quality cards that are resistant to any wear and tear. You will also want the supplier to provide you with a variety of finishing options. Whether that be the use of metallic ink or the provision of a silky matte feel. Given your investment, you will also want expert designers to ensure the most effective layout of your information and use of your business color scheme. Plastic business cards are a unique tool for enhancing and increasing your rate of future conversations with people you have met. 

Cutoff time for all orders is 8:00 AM PST (Monday-Friday). Orders placed after cutoff time will be reconciled the following business day.