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Local Print Shops

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Business growth is vitally dependent on successful marketing and advertising campaigns. Getting any of the steps of a campaign wrong can lead to disaster, expensive redesigns and lost time. No doubt your advertising and marketing teams are excellent but, as with any business, not all elements of a campaign can be fulfilled in-house meaning you will have to outsource certain tasks. Having the right partner for these tasks is thus just as vital as your marketing and advertising team’s deliverables and picking the wrong partner just as easily spell an expensive mistake as your business misunderstanding your customer’s behaviors, needs and decisions. Marketing and advertising implementation incorporates a number of factors, the most important of which are the creation and printing of your advertising and marketing material and the digital and online communication you have with customers both during these campaigns and during times when there may be no specific campaigns.

Guru Printers is more than just your average print shop.

Most marketing and advertising campaigns, whether they be new product or service launches, communication of specials and discounts or communication of company or business news take the form of printed material such as posters, billboards, flyers, feather flags and many other printed options. Given the specialist design and printing requirements, the idea and messages will be generated in-house, but the design and printing will be carried out by a specialist Los Angeles printing company. This is where you have to make the right choice. One Los Angeles printing company can be very different from another with one specializing in brochures and flyers and another specializing in larger print forms. The material used for printing may of higher quality at one store compared with another store. And importantly one Los Angeles printing company may understand your customers better than another meaning far better design concepts incorporated with your marketing messages. Importantly, never forget the importance of digital platforms for both campaign specific messages and general business, product and service information. A few excellent Los Angeles printing companies have now included website design and management as part of their service offering. Don’t dismiss this offering. Websites are an extension of marketing and advertising in the modern digital era, and many of the theories and concepts applicable to print advertising are very much applicable to websites as well. A good Los Angeles printing company with a history in the design and printing of marketing and advertising material, will thus have considerably more expertise in what matters in a website, than IT professionals who may be excellent coders but not quite as excellent marketers and advertisers. Whether you are about to embark on a new advertising campaign or are simply revisiting your digital platform design and communication, finding the right partner is the first step in getting these right. Look for experience, history, portfolio examples and recommendations when identifying a Los Angeles printing company partner and then make sure that you can work with their team and that they fully comprehend your business, your brand and your customers. If all of this is a good fit, your campaign or communication stands a great chance of success.

Using local print shops is a great way to make sure you are getting quality printing and service.

We go above and beyond for each order whether it be a birthday card or a large banner for an upcoming trade show. Let us handle your printing needs and you’ll see the difference between us and everyone else for yourself.

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