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Personalized Wall Decals


  • Multiple colors available.
  • Quick turnarounds with local pickup available.
  • Custom lettering options. 
  • Window or wall vinyl decals.

Whether you decide to use wall decals at home or for business you will find them easy to work with.  Personalized means you decide what you want on the wall then create the decals you need. Wall decals are made of flexible vinyl material.  A low-tac adhesive backing is added that allows you to place them on flat surfaces.  The adhesive also allows for easy removal and reuse.   Paint, glass, or drywall will not be damaged.  Wall decals are not necessarily wall stickers, at least not by strict definition.  A wall sticker is usually made to be used once.  It typically has a stronger adhesive that will be more difficult to remove and regularly leaves behind sticky residue. The smallest wall decal is usually about 4 inches square.  Wall decals can usually be long but you will want to limit the second dimension to about 4.5 feet.  Remember to keep the decal manageable.  You might find that breaking your planned design into pieces is the best way to keep the decals easy to handle.  Some of the more common sizes for decals include 12 inch square, 12” x 24”, 2 foot square, 4 foot square, or 3’ x 5’.  You can also consider cutting the decal to a shape. Custom wall graphics are easy to hang.  Many people find they can learn to hang them without help, though you might want to grab an assistant to make things flow easier.  First figure out where you want the graphic to hang.  Lightly tape the graphic in place, but try to avoid taping right at the backing slit lines.  Once you are happy with where you are going to place it pull one side (or top or bottom) off the wall back to a slit in the backing paper.  Start by removing the backing paper at the slit and with the other hand smooth the graphic onto the surface as you carefully remove the backing paper.  A squeegee (or credit card) can help to smooth the graphic into place while avoiding air bubbles.  Continue until the whole graphic is in place, and you’re done. Wall decals are not really separate letters.  This is what makes them quicker to work with.  Single letters can be time consuming to hang as you try to keep them in line.  Printed wall decals take care of that issue, leaving you only one item to hang. You can be assured that the low-tac adhesive is non-toxic.  It is water based, not solvent based.  So the wall decals are safe to use around pets or children.  The one thing we do suggest is be careful using smaller decals that could fall off the wall and be accidentally eaten by pets or small children since we don’t suggest eating the decals. The decals themselves are matte finish, but the printed area can be smooth or satin or matte.  And vibrant colors can be used to help make the print stand out.  Ink used will be scratch, face and abrasion resistant. Personalized wall decals have many uses.  Now that you know a little about wall decals all you need to do is imagine what you want to see, and we can help you create it.