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Feather Flags Los Angeles

Feather Flags are printed using superior direct to fabric dye sublimation equipment. These premium quality flags are printed on 3oz Polyester. Ideal for advertising businesses, events and trade shows.

  • 10ft - 15ft
  • 3oz Polyester
  • 32" x 161"
  • Turnaround Times: 5-7 Day & 4-5 Days


Feathered flags have become the go to advertising mechanism for temporary advertising needs such as conferences, sporting events and product launches. Feather flags are mobile, small when packed and are easily and quickly assembled. They are thus versatile and an extremely useful and effective means of advertising at short, temporary events. In addition they are highly customization able no matter what your business or corporate identity is, meaning you can have a stock of feather flags for any product portfolio or applicable business message. Feathered flags have become synonymous with sporting event advertising. The flags line marathon and cycling routes, can be found outside stadiums on match day or at sponsored golf course holes on a charity golf day. However they are not just useful at sports events. They are equally useful at outdoor events such as music concerts, a club or bar night or to highlight an in-store product activation. But they are also great advertising mechanisms at more formal events such as conferences, awards events or corporate annual general meetings. Feathered flags are, in fact, so versatile, they can be used almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors, for any type event where advertising and marketing needs to be temporary and removed after the event. The fabric used in feathered flags is durable but most importantly customization is easy. Good business focused print stores will offer printing of feather flags with almost any logo, text and image that has been decided upon. The process of designing custom feather flags involves design and layout discussion between the client and print store. The print store has the required software that locks in the dimensions of the feather flag and print area and can then add text and images to the flag area in almost any layout within the dimensions. The print store staff have a keen eye for impact and the expertise in best practice advertising and marketing design that leads to potential customer action. Design and layout is done in collaboration with the client with client input critical to the likely success of the feathered flags. However, once the final design is concluded, the print store then use their experience, knowledge and resources to print on the high quality flag material such as reinforced nylon or poly knit. A sublimation dye printing process is used to minimize fading and ensure accurate color representation. Once your custom feather flags have been printed you can rest assured that they will withstand most environmental conditions faced when used outdoors. High quality fabric will generally be rip resistant meaning that they can withstand high winds and will easily cope with a rainy day. The printing process also means that the flags can sit in the sun for days on end with little or no color fade. Taking into account the durability and customization characteristics of feather flags and the highly mobile, small size and quick and easy assembly and disassemble, custom feather flags should be found in the advertising and marketing department of e very business no matter what and where you need temporary advertising. Custom feather flags are manufactured by most good business print stores and there is very likely to be one close to your company headquarters.