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When advertising or seeking visibility, you need something unique, easy to use and affordable. You can count on Guru Printers medium teardrop flags in and around the Los Angeles area. Teardrop flags can be placed indoors and outdoors, especially if it is portable in size. Such flags can handle bright and complex color schemes based on your event or business color schemes. The best part is this is an affordable option for those looking to have stand-out advertising.

Guru Printers medium teardrop flag is 9ft tall from end to end. The teardrop-shaped flag is 32.54” X78.64” and it can be printed on one or both sides. They are perfect for both indoors and outdoors because of their visibility thanks to the 4 Oz. polyester flag that can be digitally printed in 720X720 resolution. These flags can be easily stored thanks to a provided carry bag. You can also take care of your flags because they are washable and no-bleed so the colors do not fade.

Guru Printers promises quality medium teardrop flags that will not tear, break or fade as long as you follow our expert advice. For example, do not leave the flags in the rain or sun longer than necessary. Follow the packing and storage instructions to get the best out of your flags. Follow the washing instructions to prevent fading or wear and tear.


  • 9ft. Height
  • No-bleed artwork size 32.54” X 78.64.
  • Printable on one side print through, one side print through reverse or double sided
  • 4 Oz. Polyester heavy duty flag material
  • Base Options (Cross base, No Base, Water bag, Ground Stake, Square Base)
  • Washable
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Dye Sublimation
  • High-Resolution print of 720X720
  • Carry bag available

What is a Teardrop Flag? Advantages, Uses, and Printing

Teardrop flags, also known as teardrop feather flags, have a shape similar to a teardrop. A professional printing company uses the sublimation technique to make a teardrop flag for your personal or business use.

These flags offer various advantages, making them ideal for businesses of all types and sizes. The feather-like teardrop flag has portable fiberglass or an aluminum attachment. You can attach these frames to another structure or let them stand.

You can also bend these poles to ensure everything goes well during harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain and winds. Today’s article will discuss a teardrop flag and its advantages. Read on!

Advantages and Uses of Teardrop Flags

Every business wants to reach or attract its target audience and turn them into loyal customers. Although you can use various marketing materials to promote your business, teardrop flags can entice your customers, including prospective and existing customers, increase sales, and generate higher ROIs. These products are ideal for your next expo, trade show, or promotional event.

Grab Your Audience Attention

The best thing about a quality flag is that it quickly grabs people’s attention. You can use these indoor and outdoor flags and choose sizes that best fit your business event. Guru Printers offer a wide selection of teardrop flags and various sizes, allowing you to choose the one that improves your overall brand reputation.

Some teardrop flags come with options like cross based with poles. These are best for indoor use. On the other hand, teardrop flags designed and printed for outdoor purposes have a pole with a ground stake. Whatever your requirements are, Guru Printers can help you achieve your goals.

Easy to Set Up and Transport

Unlike other marketing tools or equipment, flags are the easiest tools to put up and down. You can don’t need to spend a lot of time looking around for a ladder, tying cables, and setting up the teardrop flag. So, these flags are better than overhead banners.

You only need to set up the stand and add the teardrop flag. Remember, this saves you a lot of time focusing on other crucial tasks of your event. Saving time means interacting with your customers and using different strategies to improve your brand reputation.

Customization Options

The design choices for teardrop flags are endless. However, choosing the best company with years of experience is mandatory. Otherwise, you may not achieve your goals. Guru Printers can print various flag sizes and designs, allowing you to customize your flag and make your brand stand out from the competition.

Most companies ignore style, design, and size experience problems with no relevant results from their marketing or promotional event. Remember, a teardrop flag can catch passersby’s attention, catch customers’ eyes, and make your brand unique from your competitors.

However, hiring a professional service is critical. Our experienced team can create flags with your color choice, marketing message, and unique design, depending on your needs. Whether a logo, address, location, or marketing message, Guru Printers can do the job adequately and create luxurious products.

Effective Business Advertising

Most people think that teardrop flags are ideal for expos and trade shows. Although this is one hundred percent true, you can use these products for your business 24/7. Because these products are best for outdoor use, they serve as a salesperson 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

Durable and Cost-Effective

Most businesses look for durable teardrop flags that can stand the test of time and remain intact for a long time. Although a teardrop-designed flag is durable and offers multiple uses, not hiring a professional printing service in LA can compromise the product’s quality.

On the other hand, a premium-quality flag is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, trade shows, business events, corporate meetings, etc. So, if you don’t want to spoil your business or brand image, make sure you avoid low-quality teardrop flags.

Price is another critical factor businesses consider when designing and printing marketing materials, including teardrop flags. The best thing about teardrop flags is that they lead to higher ROIs while preventing you from investing repeatedly.

Get Quality Flags at Guru Printers

According to Guru Printers, professional printing service in LA, a tear flag has a unique shape of a large tear that showcases your brand message. These products are ideal for various events, including sports events, concerts, festivals, business openings, product launches, exhibitions, and expos.

Guru Printers has been in the printing industry for many years, offering many services, including teardrop flags. We offer premium-quality, portable, aesthetically pleasing, reliable, and affordable teardrop flags. The best part is that you can customize the design based on your needs.

At Guru Printers, we print large teardrop flags with a height of 11.2 inches. The overall flag size is 40.36 inches x 101.63 inches. In addition, you can choose from various base options, such as cross base, ground stake, square base, or water bag.

Moreover, we use premium-quality four oz. Polyester material withstands harsh weather conditions, remains durable, and lets you maintain it easily. We deliver the final product within two business days. Contact us for more information!