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Rectangle Flags (Medium)

If you are holding a concert, festival, corporate events, launches and so on, indoor or outdoor, let Guru Printers provide you with your medium rectangle flags to make your brand and event colorful and visible. If you are in the Los Angeles area, let your events pop and glow with medium rectangle flags.

Guru Printers flags come in various sizes (the medium is 11.8ft with a 31” X114” flag) and have a no-bleed 4 Oz. polyester flag. You can choose a no base, cross base, square base, stake, water bag or a combination of any of these bases, depending on where the flags are being placed at your event. You can print one side or both sides in a high 720X720 resolution.

There are benefits to choosing rectangle flags for business or event visibility. To begin with, you can create portable advertising according to your budget. Guru Printers gives you options on the size, type of print and base hardware, all within 2 business days. Rectangle flags take a short time to set up and take down and are easy to clean as well as place in storage. You do not have to worry about wasting your advertising budget thanks to Guru Printers’ medium rectangle flags.


  • 11.8ft. Height
  • No-bleed artwork size 31” X 114”
  • Printable on one (print through or print through reverse) or double sided
  • 4 Oz. Polyester heavy-duty flag material
  • Base Options (Cross base, No Base, Water bag, Ground Stake, Square Base)
  • Washable
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Dye Sublimation
  • High-Resolution print of 720X720

Everything You Need to Know About A Rectangle Feather Flag

Rectangle flags provide constant visibility and encourage people to seek information about your brand. These flags are attractive and reliable for indoor and outdoor business or marketing applications.

Unlike other shapes, rectangle flags are lightweight, compact, and easy to mount/assemble and dissemble. Guru Printers’ advanced methods produce premium-quality flags with unique designs and vibrant colors.

At Guru Printers, our professional team aims to best represent your company, brand, product, or service. Today’s article will discuss a rectangle feather flag for your business and its features/advantages. Read on!

What is a Rectangle Feather Flag?

Rectangle feather flags are one of the most effective advertising signs for businesses with rectangular shapes, making them more unique than curved products. The primary purpose of printing rectangular flags is to achieve more space for your marketing message.

Therefore, these flags are ideal for displaying additional information. The best part is that the top banner arm displays the complete design even if there is no wind. These custom flags are best for event booths, storefronts, and trade shows.

Advantages of a Rectangle Feather Flag

A rectangle feather flag is an excellent marketing tool to showcase your brand message. The shape is convenient and reliable enough to provide you with plenty of space to include more information.

You can use these flags to convey directional or navigational signage or communicate the brand message with text and graphics. Rectangular flags are available in various sizes, making them suitable for different events.

These flags can streamline your promotional events and make your brand stand out from the competition, made in the world-class facility of Guru Printers, LA. Guru Printers’ team maintains the highest quality standards to print vibrant, vivid, bright, well-designed, and reliable flags at the most affordable prices.

We aim to ensure your business is front and center, driving more people to your store, retail facility, etc., and purchasing your products and services. Rectangular flags are eye-catching, stunningly aesthetic, and grab people’s attention from afar.

So, these products are perfect for drawing people’s attention to your brand message. At the same time, you can give clear directions to passersby or people driving by your facility via rectangular flags. Therefore, these are perfect and durable outdoor products for your business.

Why Choose Guru Printers for Rectangle Feather Flag?

Do you want to get instant attention for your company? If yes, use rectangular flags. However, you may not achieve your goals without hiring a professional company. You will receive premium-quality rectangular flags when you hire Guru Printers for your project.

So, as soon as you mount these flags, you will create positive impressions on your prospective and existing customers. Studies show that positive impressions lead to increased foot traffic, drive more customers to your business, increase sales, and generate higher ROIs.

Guru Printers ensure the flag has a large print area. The purpose is to give your company a competitive edge and streamline your indoor displays or outdoor advertising. In simple words, you will never miss out on prospective customers. So, let Guru Printers handle the custom-designed rectangle flags for your next event.

Our rectangular flags are large enough with a height of 15 feet and have a no-bleed artwork size of 31 inches x 151.5 inches. We produce durable flags that can withstand harsh weather conditions, making these products long-lasting and cost-effective in the long run.

Moreover, depending on your needs, we can print on one or both sides of the flag. We use 4oz polyester materials with excellent durability and reliability features. We provide you with a cross base to set up and mount the flag indoors or outdoor based on your requirements.

Our rectangular feather flags are resistant to scratches and other damages. You can hand or machine wash the product to avoid hassle and use it for a prolonged period. So, you can rely on our professional services to get durable, portable, well-designed, and attractive products for your business.

Final Words

Guru Printers designs high-quality rectangular feather flags for indoor and outdoor promotional displays. We follow a step-by-step approach to do the job professionally and produce flags with portability, durability, and longevity features.

Using our aesthetically pleasing rectangular feather flags, you can streamline your trade shows, business conferences, storefront, and other outdoor or indoor events. Our experienced team discusses your requirements and gives you design options to choose from, creating perfect flags for your business.

You can also use these feather flags for grand opening ceremonies, parades, shopping malls, banking events, corporate meetings, etc. Finally, Guru Printers has cutting-edge design software applications and the latest machines to create colorful, vibrant, and eye-catching feather flags. Contact us today for more information on our services.