When you hand out a business card, you’re handing out a first impression. How your business card looks and feels can greatly impact how you and your company are perceived. The best way to add style to your business card is to have the right design and print it with the right finish. Gloss and matte are perfectly good lamination options, but if you want to take your card to the next level, you’ll want silk. If you want to add style to your silk business cards printed in Los Angeles, here’s how.

Choosing Silk

Silk business cards add a layer of elegance and charm to your business cards. The silk laminate provides your cards with a heavy-duty outer layer that is water- and tear-resistant. The heft and durability of a silk business card are unmatched and certainly make a lasting impression.

Silk finishings have a similar appearance to matte finishings. They are elegant while adding some extra heft, bringing your business card’s thickness to 19pt. They also add an additional layer of smooth touch, making them more appealing than any other finishing on a business card. When you hand out a silk business card to a contact, you let them know that you care about the message you and your company send out. 

Spot UV

With silk business cards, you can add additional style and flair with spot UV. Also known as Spot Gloss, Spot UV can add a transparent shine to any part of your business card. You can then spotlight certain features of your card. When held in a well-lit area, these parts of your card will truly shine and stand out, helping you shine and stand out as well.

To properly utilize Spot UV, consider placing emphasis on the following aspects:

–  Your name

–  Contact information

–  Company logo

–  Tagline

Foil Stamping

If the silky texture, high durability, and spotlight effect aren’t enough style for you, you can also add foil stamping to your business card to give it some extra “oomph.” Similar to Spot UV, foil stamping helps draw attention to certain areas of your card with extra shimmer and shine. Unlike Spot UV, foil stamping can cover larger areas and comes in a variety of colors. With the right color combination, you can have a truly stand-out card with as much unique style as you.

When you give out a business card, you give out the face of you or your company. Although it may not be talked about often, people do tend to judge and compare business cards, especially at conferences. If you want to make a lasting impression, you need silk business cards. To get the best silk business cards printed in Los Angeles, trust Guru Printers to do the job. We’ll print your cards quickly and efficiently. We’ll work with any design you have, and we also have a team of in-house designers that can help you design your business cards if needed.

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