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Color Printing or Bust

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What better way to grab attention than to use color printing? Our eyes are naturally drawn to color. This makes colored advertising the obvious choice when it comes to marketing. Are you ready to find out how to use this attention-grabbing ability to your advantage?  Keep reading to learn how color printing is perfect for marketing and other business-related projects.

Color Printing Can Draw Customers In

New clients and customers don’t want to read about what your business offers in black and white. We read enough in black and white as it is. Color printing can be used to highlight the most important parts of your printed announcement. Are you announcing a sale? If so, “sale” should be red to demand the attention of the reader or passerby. Savings could be discussed with green ink. Savings mean more green in your wallet or bank account, so when someone sees savings printed in green they can picture the money they will save!


Well Thought Out Projects Have Style

If you are working on a project for a client, printing in color can show how much thought you put into your presentation. The content we discuss is meaningless if it isn’t easily understood. Color coordinating the key points of your project can help your client interpret the information you are telling them. Furthermore, color printing shows that you took the time to create a polished final product.

Anyone can easily print a black and white document from home. A document printed in color shows that you thought about how you want to display your information. While color printing can be done at home, professional color printing from Guru Printers will really blow your audience away.

Set Yourself Apart

Color printing can set you apart from other businesses with similar services. You should do everything you can to be different from your competition. The personality of your business and the things that make it special can be expressed better in color. You can play around with adding fun colorful graphics to your printed items and make words jump off the page with color ink.

Whether you are marketing or presenting a project, color printing is a must for businesses. We live in a world filled with vibrant colors. Guru Printers can help you bring that color to your ideas. We create quality prints because we want to showcase your quality ideas. Contact us today to print your next color project!

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How to Turn a Rush Book Printing in Los Angeles from Disaster to Opportunity

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Rush book printing in Los Angeles is a sprint to the finish line. Sometimes deadlines get away from us. Sometimes things that should have fallen into place just didn’t. If you find yourself with just a couple days to go until your book needs to be out, don’t despair. Go online to Guru Printers and put in your order. What feels like a disaster, is actually something else altogether. It’s you, about to make your book that much better.


When you’re working on a tight deadline, you don’t have time to pull off something overly complex. While you may briefly mourn your lost vision, you’ll probably find that cutting things out will make your work better. Simplicity allows you to get your message across loud and clear.

When you find yourself in need a rush printing job, look at what you can cut out. Can you design the layout to use fewer colors? Are there chapters, pictures, or sections that aren’t as polished? Start with what is absolutely essential to your work and look outward from there. Anything that muddies the message can get cut. It will leave you with a shorter piece that’s easier to print, but you’ll also have a better book overall.

Choose the Best Option Available

Rush book printing in Los Angeles forces you to accept that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. When you check out a high-quality print shop, you’ll see that they already have book options waiting for you. Don’t hesitate; take advantage of them. The more you can get out of the way, the better.

You can get a better time for a rush book printing order in Los Angeles if you can pick a pre-existing format. Custom orders take much longer to fulfill. Pressure is a great way to achieve focus. When the clock is ticking, you can choose from the best that a great print shop has to offer and trust that a great shop knows how to produce a great product.

Pick it Up in Person

One way that a rush book printing in Los Angeles can move you ahead of the game is distribution. When you’re in a rush, you can opt for local pickup at Guru Printer’s convenient downtown location. This puts your books into your hands ASAP. Whether you need to drive to the post office to mail them out TONIGHT or you can hand deliver them, you’re ahead of the game when you pick them up yourself.

A rush book printing order in Los Angeles may not be your idea of a great time. It can, however, result in a better product. You get it into your hands faster. You can trust that a print shop knows what they’re doing. You’ll also simplify your book. Cut out what doesn’t belong and you’ll be left with an amazing, high-quality product before you know it.

The Trade Show Printing Pros

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Putting together everything you need for a trade show is no easy task. You have a limited amount of time to make a big splash. Standing out in a sea of booths is a challenge. You need your area to be unique, eye-catching, and memorable. You also need to be able to market yourself in a space where everyone is exchanging business cards. The key to both points is finding trade show printing that turns out high quality every time. The key to both points, is trade show printing that turns out high-quality every time. Guru Printers are the trade show printing pros. They stake their #1 Yelp rating on it.

Advertise your booth

The floor of the trade show is always a crowded mess. You’re lucky if you can see more than a few yards. What’s more, if you want to bring people in, you have to stand out. We have you covered at Guru Printers. We offer indoor/outdoor printed vinyl banners that are sure to make your booth pop. You can select the dimensions, upload your own artwork, and receive your banner in 3-4 business days.

A vibrantly colored, vinyl banner is sure to shine on the trade show floor. However, we provide even more for your booth, to help you stand out. Like most people, you bring your set up with you to trade shows, this includes everything to decorate your tables and walls. In addition to vinyl banners, tabletop displays help you say more about your booth, and about yourself. Moreover, to help make your set up easier, choose semi-permanent or permanent decals

Advertise yourself

A beautiful booth helps to draw people in, but how do you keep their attention once they leave? By providing handouts, such as business cards, brochures, and even stickers, you are leaving a lasting impression. At Guru Printers, we offer a variety of ways to stand out from the competition. Choose from a variety of papers, weights, and styles to get the business cards or brochures that capture your image.

You can also get custom buttons, notepads, and more as prizes. Generating a buzz about your booth is a must. Many organizations find a simple prize pool helps pull people in. Additionally, writing information in a notebook with your name and logo keeps you fresh. By thinking outside the box, there are many ways our printing helps you capture the spotlight at a trade show.

A reputation you can trust

At Guru Printers, we  rely on more than our wide selection and excellent turnaround times. We work hard to ensure that each order is correct and on time. We value customer service. Because of our excellent customer service,  Yelp rated us #1 for 2016. That kind of reputation can’t be squandered. In 2017, we look forward  to receiving Yelp’s award for best customer service a second time.

Trade shows are busy, noisy, and over in a flash. If you want to stand out you have to draw the eye. Don’t worry, at Guru Printers, we make trade show printing a snap.  Let us help you pick out a vinyl banner for your booth, and outfit yourself with the business cards, prizes, and perks you need to stand out from the crowd. Best of all, everything is backed by Guru Printer’s #1 rated customer service. You can trust the gurus.