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Color Printing or Bust

Photo by Renee Fisher on Unsplash

What better way to grab attention than to use color printing? Our eyes are naturally drawn to color. This makes colored advertising the obvious choice when it comes to marketing. Are you ready to find out how to use this attention-grabbing ability to your advantage?  Keep reading to learn how color printing is perfect for marketing and other business-related projects.

Color Printing Can Draw Customers In

New clients and customers don’t want to read about what your business offers in black and white. We read enough in black and white as it is. Color printing can be used to highlight the most important parts of your printed announcement. Are you announcing a sale? If so, “sale” should be red to demand the attention of the reader or passerby. Savings could be discussed with green ink. Savings mean more green in your wallet or bank account, so when someone sees savings printed in green they can picture the money they will save!


Well Thought Out Projects Have Style

If you are working on a project for a client, printing in color can show how much thought you put into your presentation. The content we discuss is meaningless if it isn’t easily understood. Color coordinating the key points of your project can help your client interpret the information you are telling them. Furthermore, color printing shows that you took the time to create a polished final product.

Anyone can easily print a black and white document from home. A document printed in color shows that you thought about how you want to display your information. While color printing can be done at home, professional color printing from Guru Printers will really blow your audience away.

Set Yourself Apart

Color printing can set you apart from other businesses with similar services. You should do everything you can to be different from your competition. The personality of your business and the things that make it special can be expressed better in color. You can play around with adding fun colorful graphics to your printed items and make words jump off the page with color ink.

Whether you are marketing or presenting a project, color printing is a must for businesses. We live in a world filled with vibrant colors. Guru Printers can help you bring that color to your ideas. We create quality prints because we want to showcase your quality ideas. Contact us today to print your next color project!

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Five Reasons for Custom Window Decals

Photo by Nigel Tadyanehondo on Unsplash

Photo by Nigel Tadyanehondo on Unsplash

Custom window decals are a nice and easy way to change the look of your store or business. You can use them in many different ways and be creative. Some people are unsure if they should get them, or how customers will receive them. In this article, you will learn five reasons for custom window decals.

Custom Window Decals Bring in More Business

When you have custom window decals on your stores or businesses windows, you can bring in more customers. Think about it, when you are walking down a street filled with shops, you usually only go into the ones you know or ones that catch your eye. With custom window decals, you can easily draw your customer’s attention. You will have them coming into your store or business, leaving your competition behind in the dust.

You Can Be Unique

Something that is great about custom window decals is that they are custom! You can design anything you can possibly imagine. This means you can be unique and stand apart from the crowd. People love seeing quirky or interesting designs in a company’s window. You can use bright colors, innovative sayings, or crazy images- your customers will love it! You may even be deemed an Instagram worthy spot, which will bring in more customers than you could ever imagine.

It Uses the Space You Have

Most stores or business just have mannequins or “open” signs/decals in the window. These are great; however, you have a lot of marketing potential space you are not using if you do the same. When you get custom window decals, it will change that for the better. You can highlight sales or promotions you have going on so customers can see them from outside. Since most people have a hard time resisting a sale, this will be a goldmine opportunity for you and your company.

Use Them to Be a Part of The Décor

Custom window decals don’t have to just bring customers in, you can actually use them to dress up your store or business. Are there animals or drawings that you love? You could make them into custom window decals to be a part of your décor. They could completely change the way your space feels and give an interesting or cool vibe that customers and your team will love.

They Are Cost Effective

When you purchase custom window decals for your business, you don’t have to spend too much money. They are cost effective and will last you for a long period of time. This means you will not have to invest in banners or other forms of advertisements. Your business will greatly appreciate the advertisement, and your wallet will appreciate the low cost.

Those are the top five reasons for custom window decals. Remember that they can bring in more business, can be unique, use the space you have, are a part of the décor, and are cost effective. No matter what type of store or business you have, you can create amazing custom window decals that you will love and bring in more business.

Photo by Squared.one on Unsplash

The Benefits of Mobile Marketing with Car Magnets

Photo by Squared.one on Unsplash

Photo by Squared.one on Unsplash

Car magnets may just be the most effective way to market your business or promote your product.  People are not always on the internet, they do not always read ads or flyers, and billboards get bypassed quickly.  Using a car magnet on your vehicle guarantees marketing exposure wherever you drive or even park your vehicle. This article discusses some of the benefits of using car magnets for mobile marketing.


Exposure is certainly the #1 advantage of car magnets for mobile marketing.  No matter where you drive, you will have exposure.  Whether you are picking the kids up from school, driving to a business meeting, or stopped at a traffic light, people look at other vehicles.  Simply by going about your daily life with a magnet (or two) on your car, you are getting new exposure every time you drive. Your car magnet is basically doing all the advertising legwork for you.

Design Versatility

Available for manufacturing in any shape or size, car magnets can be the size of a bumper sticker or designed to fit on the side of an SUV. At Guru Printers, we offer fully customizable car magnets in many different sizes, colors, images, and fonts.  Stuck on the design?  We help with that, too!


Perfect for self-employed individuals or businesses with a low marketing budget, car magnets are affordable and last for many years.  If designed with your logo and business information, there is really no need to regularly replace the magnet unless you are switching it to a promotional magnet.  If you need car magnets for a specific marketing campaign or advertisement, the cost to replace them is extremely affordable.


The flexibility of car magnets allows for versatility.  Simply peel the magnet off your car and replace with another magnet in seconds.  You have the flexibility to advertise your business one day, a promotion the next day, and a product the next.  Car magnets are super convenient and easy to switch out.


With a car magnet, you are doing more than just driving around town. When you drive your vehicle, you’re driving an advertisement. This advertising expense can generally be deducted from your taxes, but only if it’s directly related to your business activities. For example, this tax deduction does not include your vehicle expenses, mileage, or maintenance. However, the costs associated with the design, manufacture, and installation of your vehicle graphics, could be considered a tax deduction.  Always check with your tax advisor or CPA.  Take note of this tax deduction and keep your receipts, especially if you have numerous car magnets printed per year.


Car magnets are basically maintenance-free.  They are resistant to the sun’s UV lights and will not fade or lose their adhesiveness.  If they get dirty, simply wash them with detergent, air dry, and reapply.  These magnets will retain their attractiveness for years.

Think of it as mobile marketing on wheels. Make your business more noticeable with a cleverly-designed marketing message, advertisement, or promotion on a car magnet. A crowded parking lot, a busy restaurant, and even a traffic jam where your car magnet is visible will help you gain new customers.  Call Guru Printers today at 213-612-4451 (Downtown) or 213-935-8657 (Arts District) and let us help you get rolling with a dynamic mobile marketing car magnet.

How to Uniquely Market Your Business

Photo by Olu Eletu on Unsplash

Photo by Olu Eletu on Unsplash

Marketing your business takes a lot of work and creativity. The days of handing over business cards and knocking on doors are not over, but they are antiquated marketing strategies.  To market your business effectively, you need to be creative and think outside the box.  Getting a potential customer to notice your business is good, making them remember your business is great!  This article will give you some fantastic, unique ideas to market your business.

Custom Mugs

Almost everyone drinks coffee.  Giving a potential customer or an established customer a custom mug is a great way to advertise your business.  Every time someone picks up a mug, they usually look at the mug to make sure it is theirs.  If your business name, logo, or both are printed on the mug, it is a constant reminder of your business.  You also have the option of printing funny, inspirational, or calming slogans on the mug.  For example, if you own a landscaping business, you could put, “The grass is greener when it’s fertilized,” on the mug and print your company name on the other side or at the bottom. The possibilities are endless and your only limit is the space.  You do not want the custom mug to have too much writing because no one is going to sit and read a long spiel when they just want a cup of coffee. You simply want your company name noticed and remembered – often.  A bonus to marketing with custom mugs is that people who do not drink coffee often use mugs for pen and pencil holders.  This means the mug is sitting in one place and is seen many times daily.

If you have trouble coming up with exactly what to put on your mug, Guru Printers will help.  We can help you “see” what you are thinking of and even help you think of something if you are having trouble coming up with a design on your own.


Think about the last office you visited, how many notepads did you see lying around?  There is always a notepad near for someone to jot something, list something, write down a phone number, or even doodle on.  If you provide notepads with your business name, logo, or both on them, every single time someone writes on one of them, your business is noticed.  People have a natural curiosity and will look at a picture, words, or a slogan on a notepad.  In addition, notepads have numerous sheets of paper and will therefore be a business advertisement for quite a while.

At Guru Printers, we offer four different sizes of notepads with either 25 to 50 sheets of paper.  This is a very economical and effective way to market your business.

Custom Tote Bags

Custom tote bags may just be the cream-of-the-crop when marketing your business.  Eco-friendly, reusable, and easy to carry, cotton canvas totes last a long time.  Picture your business name, logo, image, or all three on a custom tote.  Now imagine five people carrying that tote into every store they go in for the next 10 days.  Not only are the individuals carrying the tote aware of your business, everyone they pass who notices the tote has just been informed about your business.  That is huge exposure for your company.

You can have a funny message, a captivating picture, or just your company’s name and logo printed on the custom tote.  No matter where you go, people are going to notice that custom tote bag.  At Guru Printers, we carry 6 oz. cotton canvas, 9” x 13” custom tote bags that can be printed on one side or both.  If you need help designing, give us a call at (213) 612-4451 (Downtown) or (213) 935-8657 (Arts District).

Guru Printers is a family-owned and operated company and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, dedication, quality products, and low prices.  We welcome the opportunity to help you uniquely market your business.