Despite the worlds rapid movement into digital technologies and the ever more dominant use of websites, cell phone applications and social networks to consume news, make purchases and gather information, there is still life in printing hardcopies of many, many documents, advertisements, business cards, art and other paper based prints. In fact, it is unlikely that the world will ever become fully digital and eliminate printing in all its formats as the human mind and its needs will always require the reading of words and images printed on paper. As humans we still like to hold paper in our hands, turn the pages and make notes next to what we have read. Although digital content is convenient, images and words on paper will almost always seem more tangible than the words and images we view digitally. Printing thus still has applications in today’s world and will almost certainly have life well beyond the immediate future. Buying that printer along with the printing paper and the photo printing paper last year was not a waste of time and money and those printing stores you use for the more difficult or large volume jobs will still be within easy reach and will still be providing the many printing service offerings that they have today. If you are a businessperson, how many times have you sent a digital business card versus the number of times you have handed over a printed business card? Almost certainly, you still have a large volume of your own business cards that you hand out far more often than sending a digital card. How many digital agreements have you signed versus the number of paper agreements you have put pen to paper to? The answer is, no doubt, the same as the business card question. And then what about your advertising material and product brochures? Your sales team will still hand out printed product brochures. Potential customers still want a brochure they can page and browse through rather than search through a website. Banners, outdoor advertisements and flyers are still critical for advertising so you are, no doubt, still spending a fair amount of operational costs on printing advertisements. Even if you aren’t in business, how many digital Happy Holiday cards did you send? It is likely, that even during the last holiday season, you still sent more cards than you did emails or digital cards. Although many of our photographs, unfortunately, stay as digital files, some people are still printing out their photos and enlarging and framing them or having them professionally printed on canvas. Printing is still very much a part of home and office décor. Printing is still, in fact, part of our everyday lives and the printing industry is not going anywhere fast. If you are in business, then make sure you maintain those good relationships with your printing partners and paper suppliers. At home, you can safely upgrade that printer to make printing easier and more professional. Printing is alive and well even though cell phones, tablets and laptops have taken over other parts of our lives.