Copyright laws and making copies for a business

photo by PDPics-

photo by PDPics

When running a business it is important to keep everything you do during your day-to-day activities within all business legal guidelines. There are fine lines when it comes to making copies for your personal use and your business’s. Some issues with making copies may include violating copyright laws.
According to the Copyright Law, infringement occurs when someone who is unauthorized to reproduce, distribute, perform, publicly display or make a derivative of copyrighted work without first obtaining permission form the person who owns the copyright. However, included in the doctrine, are some “fair use” practices that allow for use of copyrighted materials under certain conditions.
Though “fair use” does not give someone permission to make copies of copyrighted work, it does provide a defense against a copyright infringement suit. Through the doctrine, certain factors are considered, including the nature of the copyrighted work, how it was used, the purpose it was used for, how much of the work was used and the how the copyright owner was affected in the open market. In some situations, copies of copyrighted materials are permitted when only being made as a backup in case the original items are lost or damaged.
Here are some of those areas where making copies of items government documents:
Paper money: Can only be copied on a single side of the paper and color copies must be less than three-fourths or one and one-half the size of the original bill.
Postage stamps: Cannot make color copies of unconcealed U.S. and foreign stamps unless they are less than three-fourths or one and one-half the size of the original.
U.S. Treasure Check: Cannot make color copies and white copies are only permitted when they are less than three-fourths or one and one-half the size of the original.
It is important to ensure that you only make copies of your copyrighted items and/or follow all laws and regulations. Check the Copyright Laws to verify the documents you copy are indeed allowed. Violation of copyright laws include lawsuits, fines and the possibility of imprisonment.