Brochure and Flyer Printing

Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

Getting advertising into the hands of consumers

Getting your marketing and advertising into the hands of consumers is an important supplement to the rest of your marketing and advertising mix. Banners, posters and billboards are excellent at creating brand or product awareness but don’t allow for the necessary detail that material, that is directly placed in the hands of consumers, can provide. Brochures and flyers are one of the key advertising and marketing forms that can be handed out to customers and potential new customers providing them with more than just awareness about what your business has to offer.

Brochures and flyers are the ideal platform to communicate business specific details whether it be an introduction to your business and what it is offering, product or service specific details, sales campaigns or new product launch or service details. A brochure and flyer is, by its very nature, meant to be read and this means that communication can take the form of typical writing and paragraph style explanations which is certainly not possible on larger advertising and marketing forms such as posters and billboards where you want consumers to garner awareness through quick glances and looks. This does not however mean that a brochure or flyer should simply be an essay. There are other design and communication factors that need to be very carefully considered and included.

Brochures and flyers are therefore not the kind of advertising and marketing material that can be generated in-house. The information that can be included will of course be largely generated in-house, but the design and printing of brochures and flyers should always be done by experienced brochure and flyer printing service providers.

Fortunately, Los Angeles is home to some excellent brochure and flyer printing companies that have extensive experience in the advertising and marketing industry and the expertise to not just print, but to assist with the design and layout of your brochures or flyers from step one in your material generation. A good brochure and flyer printing company will provide you with an almost endless range of options for your brochures or flyers. You will be able to vary page size, paper type and quality and even the folds in your flyers. It is important that the printer you choose has these options as you need to be able to differentiate your brochure look and feel from those of your competitors. A good brochure and flyer printing company will also have a team of graphic designers and layout experts who will ensure that your advertising and marketing material is going to catch the attention of recipients and not land up in the nearest trash can. Eye catching and impactful brochures and flyers are the brochures and flyers that are most likely to be looked at, read and retained. Brochure and flyer printing and design experts are the only people who know how to increase the chances of these happening.

Getting brochures or flyers into the hands of consumers who then read and retain the information presented is one of the most effective advertising and marketing mechanisms. If you choose this strategy for awareness, make sure you choose the right brochure and flyer printing partner for your business.